A coalition is difficult but possible: Vince Musewe

By Daniel Chigundu 
Economist Vince Musewe says while coalition of opposition political parties has been overshadowed by differing interests, it is still possible to find a common goal to focus on.
There has been talk of a possible grand coalition of opposition political parties in the country to face President Robert Mugabe in the impending 2018 general elections.
Leading opposition parties such as MDC-T and People’s Democratic Party have both been linked with possible coalition with the Joice Mujuru led Zimbabwe People First.
Talks between PDP and Zimbabwe People First were said to had progressed well until the Joice Mujuru led party was accused of fishing people who had been send to negotiate the coalition.
There has also been friction among the political parties on who should lead the coalition, with both Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru declaring themselves as the rightful candidates to the union.
Writing on his facebook page, Musewe said progressive Zimbabweans and opposition political parties need the coalition and that it should be inclusive and not marginalise people on race or demography
“First, coalition politics is now necessary there is no doubt about that. However many are rightly doubting whether the diverse interests and personalities of our opposition parties can indeed come together and focus on one goal.
“I think it is difficult but not impossible. We will have to work with people we don’t necessarily like for the sake of country. However when others embellish their capacities and believe they are bigger and better difficulties are inevitable.
“Second, any new narrative has to be based on the principle that Zimbabwe belongs to all who live in it and those who were born in it. Up to now, our politics have been unnecessarily racist and exclusive. This has marginalised the majority of our people from meaningfully contributing in building a better future,” he said.
The white community has not really participated in the country’s politics since the bloody land reform exercise in 2000, only handful have been fortunate to get prominent posts in such political parties as Zanu PF, MDC-T and MDC.
Currently there are only three white people in Zimbabwe’s Parliament that is Honourable Eddie Cross, Peter Haritatos and Jane Nicola Watson.
Previously there was Honourable David Coltart, Timothy Stamps, Trudy Stevenson, Roy Bennet and Mike Auret.
Musewe said any country that does not include its all citizens will have challenges achieving its full potential and that everyone regardless of demography and race must be encouraged to participate.
“In any country where a significant sector of the population feels excluded and marginalised, as has been white Zimbabweans, women and our youth, that country will never live up to its full potential.
“We must encourage our youths to stand up and be counted and not bash their attempts for change as has happened recently around the bond notes issue. We just have too many armchair critics and less actors” he said.

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