Amendments to the constitution are serving the interests of an elite minority – NCA | #Ivote4PeaceZW

by Tariro Daphne Senderayi
It is clear that with the debate surrounding the first Constitutional Amendment Bill, the NCA cannot hide their irritation any longer. Irritation stemming from their belief that in the first place the 2013 Constitution was not people driven. As a party their position is categorically clear that any Constitution must be written for the people by the people. The process of coming up with a Constitution must be pro people and people driven.
In their view, the current 2013 Constitution that we are sitting on is not a product of the desires of the Zimbabwean people. They insist that both corrupt parties ZANU PF and MDC T under the inclusive government of 2009-2013 cheated the Zimbabwean populace into voting in the affirmative for a deficient ridden Constitution. They believe the Constitution we have today if defective in many ways but one.
The NCA was one of the parties that campaigned against the Constitution and sadly only 7%of Zimbabwe voted NO. The argument by NCA is that had the Constitution been people driven from the onset it would have been insulated and foolproof from the many amendments. The amendments thus far, have been self-serving to the interests of an elite minority at the expense of the majority of Zimbabweans. This is proof through the general populace watching from the sidelines as the ruling party willy nilly changes the Constitution to serve their own selfish needs.
To make matters worse, the NCA is greatly irritated by nonchalant attitude of the MDC T who together with civic society members were rallying and lobbying for Zimbabweans to vote YES for the Constitution. The NCA feels the opposition party owes Zimbabweans a heartfelt apology for playing games with their lives as the ordinary people are at the mercy of a dictatorial Constitution.
An example of a Constitutional provision and the proposed amendment that is dictatorial is one that makes reference to the appointment of judges. Both leave ultimate power in His Excellency to solely appoint judges yet with such a provision we expect the independence of the judiciary to soar. That is nothing short of expecting a miracle. This provision compromises the independence of the Judiciary greatly and should be addressed in the proposed amendment. The NCA believes that no people driven Constitution will ever vest such mundane powers in one person.
Thus, the manifesto of the NCA will be to continue campaigning for a Constitution that makes one man the centre of power. In the same light the party has every intention to urge all Zimbabweans to accept that we are bereft of a people driven constitution and that the agenda for a democratic constitution is still lacking. In their view, the intended amendment to the defective constitution is a small problem in light of the bigger problem.

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