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BREAKING!!! Mugabe still President: Tshinga Dube

By Daniel Chigundu
Former War Veterans Minister Tshinga Dube says President Robert Mugabe has not yet stepped down as leader of the country and his fate will only be finalised tomorrow.
Briefing people after a demonstration organised by war veterans, Comrade Dube said “I have been sent by General Constantine Chiwenga to advise people to go home for today, he said we should not go to State House because it will create problems with the international world.
“He (Mugabe) has not yet resigned, but the provinces have all endorsed that he should be removed so the issue will be finalised tomorrow at Zanu PF Headquarters. The provincial chairpersons will be meeting tomorrow.
“So we will give you an update thereafter, thank you,” he said.

According to sources  Mugabe is reportedly refusing to resign arguing that he is the legitimate leader of the country chosen by people and that the military intervention is illegal.
South Africa President Jacob Zuma who is also SADC chairperson sent his envoy on Wednesday to meet with both Mugabe and the military, but nothing concrete came out of the meeting.
SADC was expected to hold a special meeting today to discuss the Zimbabwe issue, and Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi who is a Mugabe loyalist is reportedly trying to lobby the bloc to intervene.
War Veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa has since advised Mzembi to stop masquerading as the representative of the country but should instead come back home to help secure the security of his family.
It awaits to been seen if Mugabe will agree to step down. He is also reported to have engaged the services of his legal representatives to advise him on the issue.
Mugabe is currently under house arrest and has only appeared in public once at a graduation ceremony at ZOU University where he capped graduating students on Thursday.
Today however, people from different walks of life and political affiliations converged to demand that Mugabe steps down as President.
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