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Busha’s dream for Zimbabwe

By Daniel Chigundu

FREEZIM Congress president Joseph Makamba Busha says he envisions a Zimbabwe where everyone has equal opportunities and where state resources are used for the benefit of citizens.

Busha said he wrote about two letters to President Emmerson Mnangagwa with a view to meet him and extend his ideas on how Zimbabwe can be made great again but he has not received any response.

He said Zimbabwe must have a national position and vision which are above politics and party affiliation adding that these are things he wishes to share with Mnangagwa if they meet.

“What is our position as Zimbabwe whether it’s Zanu PF, MDC, FreeZim or whatever we must say we need Zimbabweans to be safe, we need Zimbabweans to be secure, we need Zimbabweans to be free, we need Zimbabweans to be free from diseases and poverty.

“So the land must be utilised for the benefit of Zimbabweans, the mines or resources must be mined for the benefit of Zimbabweans so it does not matter who comes into government you know that Zimbabweans must have food on their tables and every young person finishing a degree or school must have an option to work that should be our dream,” he said.

The Freezim Congress leader said there must be processes that must be put in place to ensure that the graduate we get out of schools “can have an opportunity to work, earn a pension or have income security.

“That’s what we want to craft that’s what I want to do with him, but now in a big group where you have some candidates who could not even raise $1000 for nomination court; those guys are looking for co-option,” he said.

Busha added that he has come to the conclusion that President Mnangagwa is afraid of ideas hence his decision to meet with opposition party leaders of small parties and he is going to conclude that opposition parties have nothing to offer.

“So he is going to come out and say I have engaged the opposition and they didn’t offer anything but he is scared to meet one on one I wrote to him twice, he is scared of ideas, but I don’t blame him because his generation stopped in the 80s,” he said

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Daniel Chigundu

Daniel Chigundu is the news editor for OpenParlyZW an online platform that covers Parliament of Zimbabwe activities using social media (Twitter and Facebook). He is currently the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Journalists Forum and a board member of Digital Communication Network.

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