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Chamisa calls for urgent inquiry to investigate into the brutalization of civilians by Police

By Nyasha N Mukapiko
Following series of brutalization of innocent citizens, protesting peacefully around the country with Harare having recorded the largest number of nonviolent protest, Kuwadza West MDC-T legislator Nelson Chamisa yesterday during parliament sitting called for government to investigate.
Recently elevated to the Vice-President position, Chamisa described his motion as urgent national importance following circulation of disturbing images and video footage of men and women in police uniform beating up innocent citizens.
“This motion has to do with what we have witnessed in our country – a very sad development which I have no doubt is not supported by any legitimate Member of Parliament and we are all legitimate Members of Parliament. The issue of the conduct of citizens who claim to be police officers because their conduct has not been consistent with the conduct of police officers” Chamisa told the house.
Chamisa said he was concerned with human rights abuses and rule by law instead of rule of law instigated by certain police officers whom he described as persons masquerading as police.
The Zimbabwean constitution under section (59) clearly states that; every person has the right to demonstrate and to present petitions, but these rights must be exercised peacefully.
Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and opposition parties has since publicly condemned the use of violence against peaceful marchers. Riot police has been using tear gasses and water cannons to disperse protester each time they demonstrate against injustice, corruption, poverty among other ills facing the country.
Chamisa called for Minister of Home Affairs to investigate the conduct of the police and report to Parliament within the shortest possible time.
“Now therefore call upon this house to do the following, asks the Minister of Home Affairs to issue a public apology in the context of that investigation for the untoward conduct of some of the police officers”, Chamisa made a request among a list of other demands.
However, speaker of parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda told the youthful legislator that his motion was vague and requested for the footages, exact dates when the said violence against protesters had occurred.
Meanwhile yesterday police heavily descended upon #Tajamuka marchers with baton-sticks who were marching against the introductory of bond notes which are meant to bring remedy to cash crisis leaving some protesters injured and bleeding.

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