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Channel CDF to all sectors- Masvingo residents

By Hazvinei Mwanaka

MASVINGO– Some residents in Masvingo Urban have expressed concern over the use of the Constitutional Development Fund (CDF) and have called on their legislator Jacob Nyokanhete to also channel the money towards different sectors for the benefit of the whole community.

The legislator said he channelled the CDF (ZW$50 000) towards the refurbishment of schools in his area.

Though residents believe it was a noble idea they are however of the idea that he could have also drilled boreholes first so that everyone could have the access to water and later on build schools and roads.

One resident Sandra Tumbera from Ward 7 said some areas in the city hardly have water, a development which poses a health hazard to people in the community.

“We have acute water shortages in the area for example at West Area. I believe the MP could have channelled the money towards the drilling of boreholes. Our City Council is blaming ZESA for power shortages saying since we have power outages they are not fully able to pump water, especially to low lying areas.

“So our Member of the National Assembly could also have resorted to buying solar equipment which could be used instead to pump water instead of using electricity,” she said.

Another youth from Ward 1 Bernadette Mukova said the area is highly populated with small taxis known as (zvipipi) and he believes that there is a need to construct proper roads to avoid accidents.

“You find that most taxis operate in our streets where children also play and there is need to construct speed humps which will ensure that those taxis reduce their speed so that our children are safe,” he said.

However, residents were of the view that the CDF money should be used to initiate self-help projects in the constituency or to convert it into a revolving fund that could benefit entrepreneurs as compared to donating it.

Contacted for comment, Honourable Nyokanhete said the money they received did not match the projects that people needed.

“We only received ZW$50 000 and most of the things that people needed like building shelters for pregnant women at clinics could not be done as the money was not enough, so we decided to use the money for education.

“We did some consultations at different schools and found out that most schools had building projects so we supported by buying cement for ten schools in the area,” he said.

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda recently announced that treasury has since increased CDF allocation to about ZW$175 000 and that legislators should adjust their project proposals to match the new figure.

According to Nyokanhete, he is going use the next tranche of the funding to deal with water shortages by drilling boreholes.

“I want to do something to help with the water situation by drilling boreholes but that will be done in the next phase. For the meantime I am going to do some consultations and then compare,” he said.

The legislator also revealed that he intends to work with the Masvingo City Council in their project of refurbishing Chitima Market.

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Daniel Chigundu

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