Coltart calls for spirited campaign against ED to avert poll rigging

By Wisdom Mumera
Laywer and activist Doug Coltart has called for a spirited campaign of marches and demonstrations against the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to increase pressure on it so as to avert the rigging of polls in the 2018 elections.
Speaking in an interview Coltart said there is a high likelihood that the Mnangagwa government will rig elections whilst also denying the country electoral reforms for free and fair elections.
This he said , calls for citizen activism against the government which he said is the same as that under former President Robert Mugabe.
“I’m of the view that its time for all citizens to take a stand. Its essential that we march, we register to vote, we demonstrate and express our views pushing for change.
“As citizens we need to demand complete electoral reforms so that we have free and fair elections.”
“We are going to push and put pressure on Parliament and the government of Emmerson Mnangagwa to make sure that they bring about electoral reform,” he said.
Coltart added that the Electoral Amendment Bill, currently in Parliament, could be passed but people had to make sure that all reforms were instituted and followed by those in power.
President Mnangagwa has promised free and fair elections but has done little on the ground to substantiate his claims.
This has resulted in suspicions that its all rhetoric whilst his party’s muted camdownload (1)paign strategy has also led to suspicions of a rigging plot.
Main opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa, fronting the opposition coalition MDC Alliance, has previously hinted about abstaining from the elections or demonstrating until reforms are complete.

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