Election promises and pies in the sky

By Tariro Senderayi
Building up to the elections, contesting political parties make use of their manifestos as they promise new reforms that threaten to bring prosperity, peace and a lot more. As Zimbabwe is billed to have elections in 2018, the ruling Zanu Pf has their political think tanks working to entice the masses in the 2018 elections.
In a bid to win the hearts of many Zimbabweans in the 2013 elections, Zanu Pf promised 2.2 million jobs, elimination of corruption, economic growth and various initiatives that would set the nation on its pathway to its former glory days.
The economic blueprint Zim Asset became part of the everyday propaganda, every government official speaking about government programs had to link how the program was advancing the Zim Asset agenda.
The latest promises by Zanu Pf when re-elected in 2018 includes the elimination of corruption, 900 hectares of land for the construction of 20 000 housing units for youths in Bulawayo, Township construction in both Harare and Bulawayo.
Access to primary school education for all, affordable health care, poverty datum line pegged salary for public service employees and $2000 gratuity fees for war vets are some of the main factors that make up the list.
One will look at the new promises as a modification of the previous election promises which are yet to be fulfilled; unemployment is estimated at over 90 percent with majority Zimbabweans in the informal sector. Corruption has evolved to new and terrifying levels; an acute cash crisis has hit the nation. Lives have been lost in the country’s poor health system as well as the road network which is equally poor.
The uninspiring issue is that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), promises a $100 billion economy within the first 100 days when they win the elections in 2018.

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