[Extract] Report on Auditor General Findings: Outstanding Travel and Subsistence Advances Totalling $507 829


Extract from Report Presented by Hon. Mpariwa: Fourth Report of The Public Accounts Committee on the findings by the Auditor General on the 2014 appropriation and funds accounts for the Ministry of Justice, Legal & Parliamentary Affairs. 

The Ministry since 2010, has been failing to recover outstanding travel and subsistence advances in violation of Treasury Instruction 1505. This matter has been raised since 2010 to no avail. In 2013, the figure was at $530 318, which means the Ministry only managed to recover $22 489 during the year 2014. The Permanent Secretary, Mrs Mabiza, acknowledged the observation and confirmed that no recoveries were instituted from 2010 up to the time she joined the Ministry in 2013. She advised the Committee that the system had collapsed and she had to put the systems in place. In 2015, the Ministry recovered $4 500 and from January to May 31, 2016 it recovered $5 959.53 giving a total of $10 459. 53 over a period of seventeen months.
The Committee was further informed that the former Director of
Finance and Administration in the Ministry had, at some point, instructed the Salary Services Bureau (SSB) to cease deductions for officials with outstanding advances. A schedule submitted to the Committee showed that some deductions commenced from April 2016 for 76 officials out of a total of 441 with varying outstanding advances.  When the Ministry appeared before the Committee, the Accounting Officer gave an impression that deductions were effected on every owing officer yet further written submissions showed that it was only a handful. She also highlighted that deductions were increased from $50 to between $100 and $500 depending on the level of the official. Evidence presented showed that only one individual with an outstanding amount of $2 360 had his or her deduction pegged at $100. The rest were contributing less than $100. Surprisingly, a sample of those owing huge amounts, tabulated below, save for, Nguruve V. whose deduction was $50 per month, showed that deductions were not yet effected.

Hon. P. Chinamasa 19 390.00
Zambada S. 18 339.00
Nyambuya W. N. 18 033.36
Zakeyo M. 16 225.00
Nguruve V. 13 746.00
Chigumadzi T. 13 415.00
Gadzai H. 12 204.12
Suntile S. 10 371.00
Mukwindidza P. 9 102.00
Mukarakate I. A. 9 065.64
Chindewere R. 8 513.00
Mutambarade A 8 360.00
Madziaenda D. 8 015.00
Mwananyoka A. 7 525.00
Nyamubarwa D. 7 136.99
Sadindi S. 7 002.00
Chikwana 6 820.00
Mutewera P. 6 401.00
Rukodzi B. B. 6 262.00
Kanengoni G. 6 047.84
Sibanda P. 5 848.00
Makhaza J. 5 768.00
Malandu A. 5 753.83
Chimhande K. G. 5 592.00
Ranga M. 5 184.00
Muza M 5 094.00

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