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Free Download : Public Hearings Schedule for the Local Government Bill

By Munyaradzi Dodo
Parliament is carrying out nation wide hearings on proposed ammendments to the Local Government Bill.  Attend a local meeting in your area this week and let your voice be heard
Why should you attend these hearings? Well  according to a recent article on Newsday :

“The majority of civil society organisations working in the area of local governance have slammed the Bill for making no attempt to fully align the Urban Councils Act and Rural District Councils Act with the Constitution. They look at this Bill as a perpetuation of the peace-meal approach that has so far characterised the process of aligning laws with the Constitution”.

The Bill  also allows the Minister to retain power to dismiss elected local government officials.  Recently the Minister of Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere suspended the Harare Mayor. The hearings are a chance fort Zimbabweans to add their voice to this debate. If the Bill sails through it would be a disaster and open the doors to a flood gate of problems.

You can download the schedule PUBLIC HEARINGS -Local Government Bill and a copy of the proposed Bill here.


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