G40 Resurfaces in Zanu PF Primaries?

By Wisdom Mumera
Suprising losses by some perceived party big-wigs in the recently held ZANU PF primary elections have increased fears that the expelled G40 faction is very much alive within the rank and file of the party.
Notable Lacoste supporters like Special Advisor to the President Chris Mutsvangwa, Nyasha Chikwinya, Chris Mushowe and Trade Minister Mike Bimha who fell by the wayside losing to relatively unknowns during the elections increase speculation that the G40 faction purged from the party last year was engineering things clandestinely.
Speaking after his bitter loss to Lameck Mutendereki in Norton, Mutsvangwa was adamant his loss was aG40 operation.
“Revengist G40-Gamatox cohorts have zeroed in on Norton with the sole goal of blocking Mutsvangwa’s ZANU PF’s candidate in July. In typical manner, they are trampling on every rule [of] proper electoral practice. They are harrying bona fide party cadres, ” he said.
Incumbent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa was also of the opinion that Mutsvangwa had been tripped by a G40 scheme as payback for his effusive support of President Mnangagwa’s illegal usurpation of Robert Mugabe from power in November 2017.
“ZANU PF has been infiltrated by the G40, its not over just because they removed those other guys.Today we are seeing their re-emergence through such candidates as Ozias Bvute and Gilbert Muponda and the losses of Mutsvangwa in Norton ,” he said.
Prominent political activist Patson Dzamara also added has voice to the Conspiracy of a G40 plot.
“The chaos characterising ZANU-PF’s primary elections is an apt glimpse into the fragile state of the party. These are the worst elections since the formation of ZANU-PF. The center cant hold. G40 is still very much alive and gaining momentum. ZANU-PF is in flames , “he added.
G40 a political faction within ZANU PF and whose visible leadership consisted of former Higher Education Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere was kicked out of the party through extensive purges that saw many others losing party membership after the November Coup.
However the recent acrimonious primary elections, which have seen names disappearing from ballot papers, some being burnt, and illegal erections of polling posts at private residences have intensified fears that the ruling party is under siege from external machinations of G40.

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