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Grace Mugabe, an embarrassment to Zimbabwean women – Mutsvangwa

By Buhle Tshavango
Women Parliamentary Caucus chairperson Senator Monica Mutsvangwa says the former first-lady Grace Mugabe is not only an embarrassment to women in politics but also to the Zimbabwean women at large.
Speaking during the abruptly ended debate on the motion to impeach now former President Robert Mugabe in Parliament yesterday, Senator Mutsvangwa said women had been stripped of their dignity and reduced to people who only good at shouting.
“Mr Speaker Sir, if I may talk like a woman in politics, like a chairperson of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Women Caucus, takabviswa chimiro nemudzimai waPresident (we were stripped of our dignity by the President’s wife).
“As women of Zimbabwe who have fought side by side with our male colleagues, as women of Zimbabwe who have achieved education through government policies since independence  promoting the girl child, the women of this country do not deserve to have a woman who brings them down to just people who shout all the time,” she said.
Mutsvangwa accused Grace Mugabe of being one of the reasons behind the impeachment of her husband adding that she had been allowed to usurp government functions making reckless utterances denigrating senior officials as well as being allowed to have access to classified and privileged state information which she publicly acknowledged.
Senator Mutsvangwa further added that women in politics stand to represent people’s interests and Grace Mugabe had branded women politicians as undeserving yet she was the only one worth casting away.
“Women in politics represent the people, when they demand to be also in decision-making processes, they are not demanding a favour but their right. It is unfortunate that when one apple is rotten some would like to throw away the whole basket, let us throw away the one rotten apple”, she said.
The role played by Grace Mugabe in the unfortunate fall of her unpopular husband has however placed women at the buttress of many jokes as her entrance into politics  was the beginning of the end of her husband’s political career, thus stereotyping women as ill advisors and at the same time belittling the capability of women in politics.

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