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Here is a quick way you can contribute to the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment bill now!

by Munya Bloggo 
Here are 3 quick ways you can let your voice be heard in the corridors of Parliament. Its very simple!
Step 1: Know Your Rights
Section 328(4) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides that;
(4) Immediately after the Speaker has given notice of a Constitutional Bill in terms of subsection (3), Parliament must invite members of the public to express their views on the proposed Bill in public meetings and through written submissions, and must convene meetings and provide facilities to enable the public to do so.”
In compliance with this peremptory constitutional provision, and as part of public consultations meant to enhance participatory democracy, Parliament of Zimbabwe is inviting comments on the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 1 Bill, HB1, 2017, for consideration by the relevant Committee(s).
Step 2: Read the bill
Use the link below to download the bill and read it in PDF format. Discuss it with you friends and family. Make notes of any issues that you want to be added, subtracted or clarified.
Constitution of Zimbabwe Amend Bill
Step 3. Let your voice be heard
Comments must be submitted to the following e-mail address:  or to Parliament of Zimbabwe Corner Third Street and Kwame Nkrumah, PO Box CY 298, Causeway, Harare, on or before Friday, 24 March 2017.
Public hearings on this constitutional amendment will be conducted in due course on dates to be advised.
Step 4: Involve Others
Share your thoughts, ideas, feedback with others via social media and join our conversation via @openparlyzw #OpenParlyZW
SOURCE: Parliament of Zimbabwe

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