Portia Sigauke
Last week l had the opportunity to revisit my rural home in Hwange District as l had not been there since 2008 due to pressing commitments in the Capital City.
As someone who had not visited her rural home for long l anticipated seeing great changes in my community but alas Mps are not doing their job neither do they exist.
As a concerned citizen who knows the roles and responsibilities that legislators should play in their respective constituency l began to ask people around if there was anything going on and their answer was our Mp is missing as we continue suffer.
“We have never seen them since the day we voted for them on July 31.” This is a cry from Dete villagers in Matabeleland North province who say their leaders have deserted them.
Hwange District is divided into two constituencies, Hwange Central where MDC-T’s Brain Tshuma oversees and Hwange East MDC-T’s legislator Tose Wesley Sansole.
“Our legislators use us year in year out, when they want votes from us, they are very good people who come down here to listen to our problems and vow to fix them, but when they get into office, it’s a different story,” said Msongelwa Ndlovu of Siyalwindi  village.
Prior to the July 31 elections Hwange legislators promised their electorate to develop their constituencies as well as effectively representing their constituents in parliament but to date their electorate say there are invisible and nothing has been done in their villages.
They said the last time they saw their legislators was when he hosted a thank you celebration party to thank their electorate for securing them in the comfort zone while they continue to bite the dust of the Hwange Colliery.
They lamented lack of ZBC signal to follow parliament processed which are aired every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Another villager from Dingani, Mildred Ncube said they were lagging behind in terms of development unlike other constituencies where their MPs were active.
“We still don’t have a Secondary School that enrolls A level students and the dreams of our children to advance their education are shuttered as they is no proper infrastructure in schools and there are not properly equipped,” she said.
The question l asked myself is. Is it worth voting for an absentee legislator? How can we fix this?

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