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I am still staying in Kadoma: Hon. Chinyanganya

By Daniel Chigundu

Kadoma Central legislator Muchineripi Chinyanganya has disputed claims that he is no longer staying in his constituency adding that people who do not attend feedback meetings and those who are not aware of his Parliament schedules are the ones peddling falsehoods.

Most legislators are usually accused of abandoning their constituencies as soon as they are elected to Parliament, with some never to been seen until they come to seek another mandate during election time.

However, in an interview, the Kadoma Central legislator said he has been in touch with his constituency whenever he has time.

“I’m staying in Kadoma. The problem is that when meetings are called for they don’t come. I don’t know people who say that I’m not visible want me to visit their homes. I have had consultation and feedback meetings from Wards 2 to Ward 7. Ward 8 and 11 the councillors were not forthcoming because I prefer doing the meetings with the councillors because there are issues that are raised that have to do with the council.

“This week I will have another round of feedback meetings starting in Ward 3,” he said.

Honourable Chinyanganya revealed that he sometimes has a very tight schedule where he has to balance between Parliament business and his education.

“I’m currently doing two Masters programs. The first one Masters in Public Administration I started in September last year and am finishing in December. The second one Masters in Law I started in August. These are critical in the execution of my duties as MP as well as improving in the articulation of critical issues in Parliament.

“These are weekend classes so that might explain why people are saying I no longer stay in Kadoma. Moreover, I sit in three Committees. Monday morning I have Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Tuesday morning Local Government Committee and then on Thursday morning, I have Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee. Then we have Parliament sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

“When we are doing public consultations on Bills and doing fact-finding visits at times we do it on weekends. So people need to understand that being an MP is rigorous and does not mean they see their MP every day,” he said.

The legislator added that Kadoma has benefited from his efforts as their legislator with the coming in of tertiary institutions.

“Women’s University in Africa has established a campus in Kadoma. Kadoma was the only City in Zimbabwe without a tertiary institution. Chinhoyi University of Technology is coming. They have already been given land to establish a campus.

“On Friday I was at Midlands State University and I talked to the Vice-Chancellor and they expressed interest as well. Tertiary institutions bring economic development to the city as well as employment.

“I have raised issues to do with the water crisis that is affecting Kadoma. The issue of machete-wielding gangs called mabhemba gangs, the issue of SQs and GBs among other issues,’ he said.

With regards to the ZW$50 000 Constituency Development Fund, Honourable Chinyanganya revealed that he had wanted to construct vending stalls but could not find space in the central business district and have now opted to assist schools that are doing construction projects.

“Initially I wanted to construct vending stalls for vendors but the council does not have land in the CBD. I then made an application to the National Railways of Zimbabwe for the land. I made the application in March this year, have made follow-ups but got no response.

“I then had a meeting with all the councillors and we agreed that we buy water tanks for 8 Wards. Unfortunately, the $50 000 was too little to buy tanks and to construct the tank stands. We then settled for the acquisition of building materials for schools which are doing construction projects,” he said.

Kadoma like many other cities and towns in the country is facing water challenges with some suburbs not receiving water from the council at all.

The youthful legislator said the situation is being worsened by power challenges being faced by Zesa and that he has raised the issue in the National Assembly on several occasion.

“The water challenges have been worsened by the Zesa load shedding which is affecting the whole country and no town or city has been spared. If you look at all towns and cities they are facing critical water shortages because of the load shedding since pumping and treating water requires electricity.

“I raised the issue in Parliament that Government should order Zesa to separate power lines that are used for water reticulation so that they are isolated from load shedding,” he said.

Honourable Chinyanganya who was elected to Parliament in 2018 said his best moment in Parliament during the First Session was when he visited the various tertiary institutions with the Higher and Tertiary Portfolio Committee.

He added that “it was an eyeing opening experience and I’m humbled that we managed to proffer some long-lasting solutions,” he said.

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Daniel Chigundu

Daniel Chigundu is the news editor for OpenParlyZW an online platform that covers Parliament of Zimbabwe activities using social media (Twitter and Facebook). He is currently the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Journalists Forum and a board member of Digital Communication Network.

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