Incoming blitz on all unregistered tourism operators

By Pretty Chavango
Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Hon Prisca Mupfumira has warned that all unregistered operators in the tourism sector should make sure they register their businesses before the first of April citing an oncoming blitz.
Minister Mupfumira today held her maiden interface with stakeholders in the tourism sector where she laid out her Ministry’s 100-day plan and outlined details of a tourism support facility put in place by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as parts of efforts to stimulate activities in the productive sectors of the economy.
According to Minister Mupfumira, the facility will also complement Government’s policy to offer duty exemption rebates to importers of Safari vehicles and capital goods for use in the Tourism Sector announced by Government through Treasury in the National Budget.
Minister Mupfumira assured that the facility is extended to smaller players in the Tourism sector including those intending to enter into mainstream tourism business and should also capacitate the disadvantaged women and youth to participate in the tourism sector however, she made it clear that all unregistered operators were barred from benefitting from the facility.
“As Government, we will ensure that no unregistered operator benefits from this facility. It should benefit only those operators duly registered by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority,” she said.
Minister Mupfumira added that all operators from the women selling crotchet ware by the roadside to the biggest tourism business would not be exempted from registering and failure to do so by 1 April 2018 would result in action being taken against them.
“It is disheartening to note that there are a number of operators who are illegally operating and offering tourism services in contravention of the Tourism Act Chapter 14:20 of 1996. Such players are offering unfair competitions to genuine tourism operators and are defrauding government of revenue.  I, therefore, wish to encourage and persuade all such unregistered operators to ensure they register their tourism businesses between now and the end of March 2018.”
“Thereafter, I direct, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, in conjunction with relevant arms of the law to undertake a blitz on all unregistered operators. We need to restore order and sanity in the Tourism sector and I urge concerned parties to take heed of this moratorium that I have issued.

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