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Is Chamisa president Wabantu?

By Daniel Chigundu
Nelson Chamisa has long been associated with one of the three factions in MDC-T that seeks to succeed party president Morgan Tsvangirai.
Although Chamisa (39 years old) himself has not declared his interests and has denied the claims a couple of times, many people in and outside the party have still thrown his name in the highly contentious hat.
With Tsvangirai’s health status being called into question ahead of the all-important 2018 general elections, Chamisa’s name has been brought out in the light again.
Writing on his Facebook page, controversial Viva Zimbabwe leader Acie Lumumba said only Nelson Chamisa can deliver the people of Zimbabwe to the promised land.
“His name is Nelson Chamisa, he will be 40 years old and eligible to run for President in February. He is to my generation what Mugabe and Tsvangirai were to theirs. He can cross us into the promised land.
“The greatest effort of our mobilization must be to propel him into Presidential ascendancy. I see no better fit for our generation. May God watch over him as Biti and co attempt to bring him down?
“They sit daily to plot against him, may God raise a generation to replace all who fight against him. We have all been used and let down by our political parties, Many thanks to our democratic fathers for your sacrifice, but now the children are grown and must chart a new story for Zimbabwe. Will you trust us to carry it on from here?
Below we compiled what people’s thoughts on Nelson Chamisa succeeding Tsvangirai for 2018 elections.
Zvikomborero Kamuteku: For me, he is going to be eligible come 2018 and it ends there, he doesn’t seem to have the knack to be president, he has no enthusiasm or the energy, he is like a leaf in the wind and goes with wherever the flow takes him. His constituency only know of him when we approach elections…he has been beaten a couple of times, yes but that’s all there is to this young man, no political accomplishments of great magnitude – what will he offer me as president apart from him being youthful
Kimberley Zuu: If you feel goosebumps by the thought of him contesting as the future president. Check in with your spirit. To see what made you have those goosebumps. I feel he will be like a “be still and know”. I feel he will not allow his spirit to move in the ways of social media and the world. I feel he will allow God’s will to prevail through love and peace towards those the world may feel have done wrong. Who hasn’t sinned before or made someone hurt before?
Ashley J Jutas Jnr: To be honest he is the better option, to be honest MDC should do the obvious move here, Tsvangirai is already Tired and wore out before he even does anything, CHAMISA can do it
Lusher Lulu Murapa: Tichamuvhotera anyatsoti dzikame, yes potential anayo, ngaatore manotes ariright from his Excellency then tomuvhotera, hatiregi, yes we want young fresh blood, but ngaambodzikame.
Nkosinathi Zvimba: We need new leaders whether they are young or handsome all we need is people who are fresh in politics with the brains to get us out of this mess. Chamisa needs a bit of cleansing first as he has been around these old bad selfish politicians for the past 15years. The old bad leadership from the opposition and ZANU have all dragged our country into this mess! Honourable Nelson Chamisa has all the qualities which one needs to be a great leader especially when we are talking about the new generation of leaders to lead Zimbabwe into a new era he is one of them.
Thomas Jnr Mazarura: I am not in support of the MDC approach and politics but Chamisa is worth it
Laison Mwanza: I say yes too. We need young blood
Kudakwashe Igwe Gandanzara: Pamberi navo Honorable NC
Wilson Machinya: I think too much time is being spent people debating about leadership. I feel it creates division and hate as the end result. Why can’t we focus on encouraging people to vote tozotaura yezvigaro letter
Malvin Chinyoka: He is the best candidate for my vote, viva Nelson viva
Lenin Tinashe Chisaira: Chamisa is youthful and articulate…but when it comes to policies, he is as bankrupt as they come
Tawa Kambarami: viva cde, apa maona
Tinashe Machingura: We agree with u Cde Acie Lumumba
Fortunate Mugwagwa Chiturike: Hey Lulu, now you are talking – Chamisa is the only candidate with very good potential
Robert Julius: I agree Chamisa is the main man
Jay Jay Jacobs: Now I get you !! U talking my language
Rutendo Clare Chari: Go Chamisa go.
Blessing Blessygee Govatie: Chamisa can win it… Mugabe is old Tsvangirai is sick and to avoid another success and factional wars. So let go with Chamisa for 2018 the youth will support him.
Va Chihera: Lol Zanu pf will put the election date before his birthday
Absolom Absa Nhoritow: At least this guy will lead MDC
Shungu Chisaka: This is the first post I agree among the many things uve written
Vee Vongai: What if elections are held before the 11th of February, what should be our game plan as the youths?
Vee Vongai: Acie Lumumba you and I know how the system works. they can never risk having HE. RG run against someone who is young and charismatic, let alone Nelson Chamisa wabantu. I’ve been telling people kuti NC is the only golden ticket MDC-T holds for 2018 but ka what if the elections are run before his 40 birthday???
Maria Tarwireyi: I go for Chamisa hope elections are in March
Kudzai Shonhai: Nelson Chamisa for President 2017
Kuzie Masangomai: You still have that ZANU strategy where u divide n rule Mr Lumumba Lumumba. Well taught
Nigel T. Sithole: That may be true but applying that logic and argument in a discussion about a presidential candidate is, with all due respect misplaced and nonsensical. If we are all to “self-determine” like that who leads who and who is led? You want every woke person to run for Presidency because “no one is born to lead another”? That’s ridiculous, there can only be one president at a time. In the meantime what about the rest of us? We serve in different ways and play our part. This is a discussion about young people putting their full weight behind ONE presidential candidate as only one of us can be president and that doesn’t make us less ambitious or self-determining; only a novice would suggest that. Now if we were talking about what OTHER young people can do for the country we can have that conversation, that’s where your sentiments here belong, but this is a discussion about A (singular) presidential candidate
Batsi Kays: Why focus on munhu akati haasikuda hake. Next, please!
Edward Ganye: And I will vote for him
Andre Rabit: Yes now we talking
Rashid Behrooz Hamisi: The question is what does his boss think about the idea..And is he willing to break the ranks from the boss… I have a feeling the boss doesn’t want to pass the button yet

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