Khupe amends MDC constitution to make room for activists

At a congress which took place at Stanley square in Bulawayo over the weekend, hundreds of people were mobilized to endorse a pre-selected leadership in order to fill up the huge leadership vacuum in the Khupe led MDC. The constitution was amended to make room for activists who before the congress were non-card carrying members.
Upon arrival at the Stanley Square, word on the selected candidates was already doing the rounds before the congress, only to be proved true hours after the congress which took place as a closed session barred from the media.
Speaking to the newly elected Information and Publicity person for the Khupe led MDC, Tajamuka activist Linda Masarira said she was surprised that she had been voted for by people who did not even know her adding that had not expected all provinces to nominate her.
“Its not easy trying to convince people to vote for you and also you will have people who will be meeting you for the first time, I am a bit overwhelmed.”
Masarira denied that she had been selected for her post before the congress saying she was endorsed by the people and confirmed that the constitution had been amended to make way for activists.
“There was speculation that I was pre-selected but from what I know, I was nominated and that is what I know and that is what happened.
“It is unfortunate that the media were not part of the closed session where the congress took place and amendments to the constitution were done, one of the resolutions were that MDC should not only be confined to people within the party ranks but also take into consideration special interest groups like people living with disabilities, activists, students and workers from the labor movement so as to be able to breed a quality leadership that speaks to various issues at depth.”
The congress saw Masarira and fellow activist Lynette Mudehwe being roped into the Khupe led MDC structures.
Some party members however said they were not in support of Masarira’s appointment arguing that she was imposed on the people, who did not know where she was coming from as she was not a card carrying member.
Isabel Mwonzora, daughter to the Chamisa led MDC T s secretary general Douglas Mwonzora was named secretary for youths.
Dr Thokozani Khupe has maintained that her party will keep the MDC –T name and whether 10 other MDC parties arise they will continue with the name and the electorate will have to choose between personalities

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