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Latest update on #SaveMotoRepublik

Moto Republik
In just over 4 days over 1,700 people have signed up to the petition to urge the Minister of Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere, Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni & The Acting Town Clerk, Josephine Ncube, to stop the demolition of Moto Republik, Zimbabwe’s first creative hub. On Monday 13 March Saviour Kasukuwere responded to the online petition that has been trending in Zimbabwe over the last week to #SaveMotoRepublik and visited the popular arts hub. The Moto Republik Management shared their position on the issue with the Minister and showed him all the relevant documents for the structure approved by the City Council. In his response, the Minister promised to intervene and find an amicable resolution the council that would not involve demolition and would allow Moto Republik to continue operating.
We will continue to encourage our community online and offline to contact their elected officials to express their concern over the planned demolition of Moto Republik. “All we ask for is for the demolition to be stopped, for the containers to remain in place and for us to be allowed to carry on with our important work of empowering young people and supporting new ideas,” said Moto Republik co-founder Tongai Leslie Makawa AKA Outspoken.  We have engaged our lawyers to resolve the matter ahead of the March 16 deadline by sending a letter of demand to the city fathers, which would be followed up an urgent chamber application for an interdict against the illegal demolition should the council not respond to our request to stop the demolition.
We thank all of our supporters out there for raising their voices, taking action and standing with the positive space that is Moto Republik. Thousands of young voices cannot be ignored.

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