Law Society Of Zimbabwe Calls For A Quick Return To Constitutional Order

Wisdom Mumera
The Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) has refused to condemn the recent military coup which is rumoured to be pushing for the exit of President Mugabe and instead stated its comfort in reassurances from the military leadership.
In a statement the organisation simply said it has noted ‘assurances of peace and calm given by those behind the recent events”.
The move by the law regulating organisation is a strange one legally but fits perfectly with the mood in a country content and acceptive of any kind of change after 37 years of being ruled by the now 93 year old Robert Mugabe.
The chance for change has however infused many in the country’s population with joy, despite the seemingly heavy-handed means which have been used, leading to a disregard for the flaunting of the democratic systems.
The LSZ however said it stood by the observance of the law in the country.
“The Law Society is committed to justice and the rule of law. We are thus encouraged by the undertaking not to interfere with the independence of the judiciary.
“We hope that in everything to follow the constitution will be respected and due process will be observed for all actions to be taken.
“We further call for a quick return to Constitutional order”, it said.
The organisation is the latest to show its support to the General Constantine Chiwenga led operation after the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) backed the soldiers too in seeking to remove Mugabe from power.
The Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) have been reportedly locked in negotiations with the veteran politician to have him sign a resignation letter in a move which he has allegedly been refusing to fulfil.
Regional efforts to intervene in the situation have reportedly been rebuffed with a South African envoy sent by President Zuma being refused audience by the military on Wednesday.
Hope for change in Zimbabwe has been euphoric with many scorning at the SADC led interventions and attacks on the supposed coup.

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