Legislators should work towards community development

By Portia Sigauke
A cross section of people around Harare have called on the legislators to work towards community development and rise above partisan politics. This call follows recent utterances by Gutu Central constituency Member of Parliament Lovemore Matuke that the Indigenisation Programme had failed because Parliament was divided. Mike Dube from Budiriro said the politics being played in Parliament had stalled developmental progress as legislators spend most of their time debating political issues.
“The problem we have is that everything is politicized and this has come back to haunt us. Our legislators spend most of their time talking about politics, once an issue has been raised one way or another it will be linked to politics. Our legislators should learn to separate politics from Parliament business and they need to work together for the development of our country,” he said.
Tawananyasha Zimuto said “community development is only possible if our legislators knew their mandate. In this economy we need legislators who know how to ‘hustle’, by ‘hustle’ l mean an MP who can approach organisations and embassies which can help with funds that can be used to develop our communities. We don’t need backbenchers in Parliament and they need to put their political differences aside when debating issues that foster development.”
Ian Marufu said there was need for legislators to improve the way they debate issues in parliament. “They also need to improve the manner they conduct business in Parliament. Watching them on television the other day, I was not impressed with the quality of contributions on the matters under discussion. Ministers did not fare any better. I got the impression that members of debate clubs at an average high school could have done much better. What a lucky bunch of people who enjoy above average living standards for doing so little,” he said.

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