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Lock down is not a punishment, says Mnangagwa


By Takunda Mandura

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to be resilient during the 21-day lockdown which started on Monday 30 March, adding that it is not a punishment but a necessary move meant to save lives.

Speaking from State House President Mnangagwa said COVID-19 poses a threat to human life and the lockdown is a necessary evil.

“My Zimbabwean brothers and sisters all this is in your hands, I know it is not easy this 21-day lockdown is not a punishment, it cannot be avoided, it is an opportunity to save lives,” he said

According to President Mnangagwa, the country has 21 days to save thousands of lives from dying from COVID-19 adding that this requires that people stay at home, washing their hands and social distancing of at least 2metres from each other.

Mnangagwa said he has had to take the decision following lessons learnt from such countries as Italy and Spain whom he said was a bit negligent in delaying to take the measures hence their present consequences.

The 21-day lockdown is meant to curb the spread of the virus across the country.

According to theories circulating on social media, those infected with the virus begin to develop symptoms in the first week, in week two those people start to recover from the virus, while those infected by those in week one develop symptoms in week two and they start recovering in week three, hence the 21 days.

The lockdown in Zimbabwe is expected to last up to 19 April a day after the country’s independence day whose celebration was cancelled.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe 7 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 1 fatality from about 188 people who have been tested

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Daniel Chigundu

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