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Ministers ignore Mugabe’s legislative agenda

By Daniel Chigundu
Buhera North legislator William Mutomba has called on the Speaker of Parliament to take action against Ministers for failing to adhere to the legislative agenda announced by President Robert Mugabe at the official opening of Parliament.
Speaking at the close of a debate on the Presidential speech, Honourable Mutomba said failure to bring the announced Bills to the Parliament was a clear indication that the three arms (Executive, Judiciary and Legislature) of the State are not supportive of each other.
“Thank you, Madam Speaker for giving me the opportunity to wind up this very important motion. May I take this opportunity to thank all the Honourable Members who contributed.
“Madam Speaker, the legislative agenda that was set by the President contained more than 21 Bills. Almost half of those Bills were supposed to address the challenges that we are facing within the country’s economy. Unfortunately, very few of those Bills saw the door to this Parliament.
“I am a bit concerned that it would appear to me that the triangular legislative system that we do have in the country is not supportive of each other that is the Executive, the Judiciary and this House. One pillar of this triangular legislative system is not committed. The attitude is that they seem not to care,” he said.
Zimbabwe is currently going through difficult times economically as can be evidenced by the cash crises and deindustrialization and Honourable Mutomba said the Bill pronouncements by the President had raised a lot of expectations as most of them were meant to help address the current economic and social challenges being faced in the country.
“This house has been kept disengaged. We had a lot of high expectations on seeing these Bills which were supposed to address the economic challenges that we are facing as a country. I am now imploring you Madam Speaker that you have to do something about the situation.
“The electorate is expecting quite a lot from us to improve the economic environment besetting in the country. I do not know how you are going to do it Madam Speaker. This scenario has to change. I know you have been addressing this issue on numerous forums unfortunately, it would appear that some other people seem not to be listening and are giving us deaf ears but I implore you madam speaker to do something about this.
“We need to change because it is us who are supposed to craft laws that improve the economic environment of this nation. Now our president wanted 21 Bills to come to this House but just a few have come and would appear to me that the President is taking his own direction because he would want things to improve, but the managers are actually taking their own route. Anyway Madam Speaker, like I said earlier on I am only imploring you to do something. Could I now move for the adoption of this very important motion although this House did not do justice to it. I thank you,” he said.

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