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Missing Dzamara: Mnangagwa must apologise

By Daniel Chigundu.
Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) leader Jacob Ngarivhume says it is a shame that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to explain the whereabouts of missing activist Itai Dzamara or to at least issue an apology.
Dzamara, a father of two went missing on 9 March 2015 when he had reportedly gone to have a haircut and there has not been word or clue about his whereabouts or whether he is dead or alive.
Although it has not been proven, it is widely believed that Dzamara was abducted by state security agents because of a letter he wrote to former President Robert Mugabe asking him to resign.
Addressing people who had gathered for the Itai Dzamara Remembrance at Africa Unity Square, Ngarivhume said the government had no right to abduct someone who was fighting for justice and therefore they must account.

“…They have not bothered to explain to the people of Zimbabwe, because they know where he is and all the people around them, they are most likely the reason why Itai Dzamara is not with us today and it is a shame. I would like to say to Mr. Mnangagwa, I would like to say to Mr. Chiwenga it’s a shame, it’s a shame and it’s a shame.
“We deserve better as a nation, we deserve better as a people, he deserved something better, we deserve accountability, they have no right to take up a man who is fighting for justice, to take away a father, that is so sad and it’s a great shame.
“So the message to people of Zimbabwe is that until we ensure free and fair election and until we ensure a new government with clean hands we will not account for what happened in the past,” he said.

Patson Dzamara and part of the people who turned up for the Itai Dzamara Remembrance….pic courtsey of @OpenParlyZW
The TZ leader added that government must come clean on its roles in various ills that have happened in the country including the Gukurahundi massacre which President Mnangagwa has been accused of playing a huge role and reportedly targeted people of Ndebele origin.
“You surely can’t say the 2000 plus people killed in Matabeleland are bygones and let’s forget about it that is not true; we can’t run a nation when we are not accountable to the people.
“We owe the people of Matabeleland an apology, they owe the people of Matabeleland an apology, they owe Itai Dzamara family an apology, they need to come clear and say we are sorry, unless they do that we will not believe them, they are not serious.
“We applaud Itai Dzamara for his heroism and one of the reasons we don’t have Mugabe today is because of the activism he started here and we salute him for that, we salute his brother, we salute his family and we salute all of you for standing firm, thank you so much for being brave and courageous and until such a time when we have answers to all these challenges we will not rest and we will not give Emmerson Mnangagwa peace until he accounts for the ills that happened in this country.

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