Mixing Legislation and Zimdancehall music

by Pretty Chavango
It takes time for someone to understand the combination of being a legislator and musician worse still Zimdancehall.
Mazowe South Member of Parliament Honourable Fortune Chasi has released a 12 track dance hall album which tackles social issues.
In a bid to reach out to the youths, on issues to do with aims of the  liberation struggle as well as issues raised in legislation the album seeks to communicate these issues through song.
The album titled ‘Life is collaboration”, is dedicated to ‘ghetto youths’ and features popular dance hall artists including, Souljah Love, Killer T and Guspy warriors among others.
Honourable Chasi says music was a way of sending out a message in a simpler way.
“Most people don’t know the law until there is a problem. Music is also a great channel to propagate the law, my songs are being sung by five year olds because I have chosen the Zim-dancehall channel genre which has integrated itself into society .” said Hon Chasi .
The album opens up with a song featuring Emmanuel Manyeruke aka Guspy warrior titled, ‘Life haisi easy’ (Life is not easy) where he speaks of the social stigma attached to being a son of a gospel singer whilst singing dancehall.
Another track ‘Kwatakabva kure’ (We have come a long way) features Kelvin Kusikwenyu aka Killer T speaks on the gains of liberation and how young people were spared the struggle.
Darlington Zhanje aka Dhadza D collaborates with Hon Chasi on ‘Child marriages ‘, and educates society on how it is now a criminal offense to marry off children.
“I have daughters too and cannot imagine a 12 year old getting married.  Artists have a role to Play in fighting this evil practice; as a result I will continue to sing about this.”  Said the MP.
The album which is aimed at young people however has no female voices among the 10 featured artists. Hon Chasi argues that they are few female chanters although plans are underway to collaborate with Bounty Lisa and Lady Squanda.
Young people from his constituency have the opportunity to learn of issues trending in Parliaments as well as its legislative role through free entertainment provided by their MP with the help of dancehall artists.
Honourable Fortune Chasi is a lawyer by profession and says music is not a passion but just came out of his love for Zimdancehall.
Honourable Chasi became a member of Parliament in 2013 and was later appointed the Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs in the same year .

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