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Mliswa pledges residential stands to women who want to venture into business

By Staff Reporter
NORTON Constituency legislator Temba Mliswa has pledged to donate some of his residential stands to be used as collateral by women who want to venture into businesses so that they can easily access loans from banks.
Women have found it difficult to access loans that are available for small businesses from various financing institutions because they lack collateral in the form of immovable properties.
Most of the immovable properties at home are usually registered in the names of husbands or male siblings making it even difficult for the enterprising women to use them when seeking capital for their ventures.
This is despite the fact that women constitute about 53 percent of medium, small to micro enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.
Speaking at an event organised by Woman of Standard (WOS) founder Bishop Margaret Takaedza at Norton 1 Primary School, the independent legislator, revealed to the attending women that he has various housing stands that he acquired in 2007/8 after amassing US$4 million through God’s blessings.
“You talk about collateral, let me confess it’s not about confessing but we have to declare our assets as Members of Parliament (MPs) because it is the new law that we must disclose what we have. I don’t do business, in 2007/8 I made US$4 million and I decided to quit business because there was no point, God had given me more than I needed. I invested in properties and rentals, so you know in Crowhill I have got over 120 stands that I did investment in.
“I’m saying if you are truly organised through an institution, that’s why I talked about the Norton Development Association and you are a member of that and they need collateral and they convince me that the proposal is excellent but we can’t give them a loan because they need collateral, I’m prepared anytime time to deposit,” he said.
According to Mliswa, he was making the pledge in recognition of his mother who endured sending them to school after his father had been fired from ZIMOCO.
In an interview, Bishop Takaedza said WOS is a global business network initiative aimed at empowering women who want to start business by giving them businesses and finance training, while creating an environment to for them to network and share their ideas.
“We have some women who don’t even read newspapers, so it is the duty of WOS to get them all that information, network with them and develop each other,” said the Bishop.
WOS is a global business network initiative aimed at empowering women who want start business with training and ideas, .
Bishop Takaedza has also written a book which talks about empowering women.

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