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Mnangagwa’s desperate search for a middle ground

By Wisdom Mumera

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been hungry for international acceptance since day one of 14 November 2017 and has since become a politician of no fixed ideological abode, constantly winging it and indulging in abrasive real-politick.

Equally true is the point that he is afraid of reforming himself out of support from the Zanu PF dinosaurs who falsely repented to support him after former President Robert Mugabe’s exit.

From dressing the coup as a vague gambit of Mugabe resigning at gunpoint, to paying white farmers compensation (a nod to ZIDERA), his thinking has been that salvation lies somewhere in a middle ground.

The middle ground is the state in which he won’t anger the extremists of Zanu PF demagoguery who treat Zimbabwe as their personal cow to milk and the international community warming up on the touchline readying to come in.

With that in mind, he has always begun his hunting expeditions for re-engagement already armed with salt, too eager and illogical to make sense in the final product.

He has maintained a Command Agriculture program yet essentially scrapped Indigenization which has more resonance with it than an Open for Business mantra he is also selling.

He has talked about fighting corruption and even weighted the taxpayer with another onion layer of an anti-corruption unit (unconstitutionally) but has still not had the balls to imprison anything worthwhile.

Mnangagwa has sold himself as the antithesis of Mugabe but from his actions, he has ultimately come out as the staid, verbally turgid and off-colour photocopy version of the old man.

Nothing about him and his politics stand out. He glides in a shadow of vexatious silence and loud nonsense.

The only definite parts of his politics have been sadistic, queer and confusing. The search for a middle ground is another such confusing characteristic.

MOPO is his latest fictitious and vague scramble for a middle ground.

The bill is an unsatisfactory frenetic masturbation exercise that produces nothing but a hunger for something real.

It ticks few of the boxes about a democratic and open society and in guile manner entrenches the iron hold of POSA.

Essentially seeking to parade change to the world while not angering the Zanu PF zealots sucking the country dry, he has just scored a no goal and achieved plenty of nothing.

As Biti has said, ‘the philosophy is fundamentally flawed. It seeks to protect the regime through the guise of law and order yet the right to be protected is the right to petition and demonstrate spelt out in Section 59 of the Constitution”.

Thus Mnangagwa’s desperate search for a middle ground between the dinosaurs in Zanu PF, afraid of being demonstrated out of power, and the reformist he wants to be, again fails to achieve its objective as the final product, MOPO, has ended up as a useless repetition of the previous law.

It’s a thankless task for the fabled crocodile as headway will only be made at the expense of one side, which is the herd of party dinosaurs forever fleecing the country for a liberation war debt we can never pay back enough.

Reforming the country sufficiently requires that he cage all those corrupt from whatever side and putting in place real reformed laws that speak to the Constitution and people’s rights.

Producing laws of MOPO’s nature and seeking to massage both ends of the divide, doesn’t make him a statesman but a scarfed demagogue forever caught up in winter.-

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Daniel Chigundu

Daniel Chigundu is the news editor for OpenParlyZW an online platform that covers Parliament of Zimbabwe activities using social media (Twitter and Facebook). He is currently the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Journalists Forum and a board member of Digital Communication Network.

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