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Mnangagwa’s expulsion: CSOs raise instability fears

By Watmore Makokoba
The speed at which political drama is unfolding in Zimbabwe, especially in the past two weeks is a high indication that things have indeed fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold.
This follows the theatre of unprecedented events in the Zanu PF camp which saw Emerson Mnangagwa being sacked from both government and party.
Civic society organisations have warned that the intensification of these power struggles in Zanu PF might lead to instability in the country.
The ruling party is experiencing peculiar history breaking moments, as the first lady Grace Mugabe ascends into power through denigrating and chucking out any opponents who pose a threat to her superiority.
In a statement, Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) raised concern over the potential explosion of political instability and called on regional countries to be on high alert.
“ZimRights continues to alert the people of Zimbabwe and the international community of the potentially dire effects of the current political developments in the country.
“The international community, especially the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), should swiftly make sure Zimbabwe does not descend into deeper instability and chaos,” said the ZimRights statement.
The rights watchdog further warned that “the whole scenario has the present danger and evident potential of marring the preparation for harmonized elections due in eight months in 2018.
“We also reiterate our position that the lasting solution, as already seen in the past, to the repeatedly uncertain and volatile Zimbabwean question is for the region to assist the country to fully democratize.
“We also urge the parties involved to reach an amicable resolution to their increasingly acrimonious fights,” said ZimRights.
Ever since the internal wars sparked by succession politics started in Zanu PF, there has been a trading of words of acrimony and threats from the contesting factions reportedly to be G40 and Lacoste.
Meanwhile, in a statement attributed to him, Mnangagwa reportedly said there were “incessant threats to my personal life and family” which led him to skip into exile and declared that the country and ruling party were not the President and his wife’s “personal property…to do as you please”.
He reportedly added, “I stand prepared once again, to pay the ultimate price in defence of Zimbabwe”.
In his response during a solidarity rally at the party’s headquarters on Wednesday, President Robert Mugabe said “you should not try to say because the journey is long, then I will take a shortcut and arrive quickly. The road has lions. There are pitfalls. There is death, beware.”
The latest tiff follows months of verbal fights and accusations of attempted elimination of the former Vice President through food poisoning.
Various organisations that were previously affiliated to Zanu PF have told the media that they unapologetically oppose the expulsion of Mnangagwa from government and they have vowed to spill their blood against Grace Mugabe’s machinations

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