MP of the week – Mudambo Tongesai – Harare North

by Pretty Chavango
The Devil is a liar – that is the signature line for Harare North Member of Parliament, an interesting shift from the cliché party slogans.

Born on Independence eve Hon Mudambo turns 36 this month, representing a few of the young blood in Parliament. Evidence of the impact of youths in Parliament are the various projects being implemented in his constituency which covers areas like Hatcliffe , Borrowdale West, Vainona and Warren Park North among others .
Projects underway in Hon Mudambo’s constituency mainly include road patching in various suburbs. Most notably among developmental work is the construction of Hatcliffe extension secondary school, a project between the Zimbabwe and Chinese Governments aimed at providing better education for students in the area , where some had resorted to going to substandard colleges .The school is set to be finished 18 months from now .
“Clean water is being provided to residents in areas where water was scarce, potholes are being patched and a school is being built all these projects are also providing employment to residents of Harare North.” Said Mudambo
Hon Mudambo together with Miracle Missions recently facilitated the donation of a wheelchair to an elderly resident in his area. Young people are benefiting from these projects as employment opportunities are created.
“I created a burial society called Devil Is A Liar, where I am paying for 230 people through Ecosure.” Says the MP.
Upcoming projects
At the end of the rain seasons plans are set to build a bridge along Pomona road as well as continuation of road patching.
Hon Mudambo can be counted among the progressive members of Parliament, most residents in his constituency engage with him on issues in their areas through his Facebook page.
Another interesting thing being he is one of the few dreadlocked Members of Parliament , not that it adds or takes away anything – perhaps if not suggest he is not of a rigid mindset – personal taste.
During the Xenophobic attacks Hon Mudambo, together with Hon Maridadi and Hon Mashayamombe delivered a petition to the South African embassy denouncing these attacks on the Zimbabwean people.
Just a month back Hon Mudambo made headlines when fellow members of his political party called for his ouster accusing him of being linked to former Vice President Mujuru. Hon Mudambo dismissed these allegations and said they were people who had been against his appointment as Member of Parliament from the start arguing that he was too young.
Well, on that I say more power to young Parliamentarians!
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