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MP sued for peddling “falsehoods”

By Daniel Chigundu

ZANU PF legislator for Gutu West Honourable John Paradza is being sued for a yet to be disclosed amount of money for allegedly peddling falsehoods that some legislators had been bribed in the Hwange Colliery probe.

The youthful legislator is alleged to have said Mines Committee chairperson Temba Mliswa, Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya and a few others had been bribed by Hwange Colliery contractor Shepherd Tundiya.

Honourable Mliswa claims to have a recording of Honourable Paradza making the bribery allegation.

However, when Tundiya appeared before Mines Committee a few weeks ago, he dismissed the allegation adding that he had not paid anyone and had never met the legislators who were being accused of receiving bribes from him.

Speaking to the media after the aborted committee meeting where bribery claims were again hinted upon by some Zanu PF legislators, Hon Mliswa said he was not aware but is actually suing Honourable Paradza for such kind of allegations.

“I don’t know if anyone has taken bribes but the last time Honourable Paradza said I had been given money by Tundiya, but Tundiya dismissed the claims and I am actually suing him for that because these are some of the things that can taint your image if you leave them like that people will say you took money.

“I cannot say how much at the moment the lawyers Kadzere, Mandevere and Hungwe are actually dealing with it so he will soon get the summons,” he said.

In his defence, when he was asked in the presence of Tundiya, Honourable Paradza said it was beer talk and that he was surprised that Mliswa had taken beer-talk to be a serious issue.

Honourable Mliswa added that people should not make allegations without producing evidence to back their claims adding that there are a lot of people who have said things but failed to eventually produce evidence.

“But if there are people who took money evidence must be produced showing that people have indeed taken the money and so forth.

“If there is no evidence we cannot talk about it people always say a lot of things that so and so has been given money and we need to rethink as Parliament, as a people representing the people are we really serious about changing this country,” he said.

The Gutu West legislator (John Paradza) is one of the male legislators accused by Honourable Lynette Karenyi of sexually abusing such female legislators as Joana Mamombe in the National Assembly

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