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Msarara threatens to sue Tsenengamu, Matutu

By Staff Reporter

Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe chairman Tafadzwa Msarara says he has instructed his lawyers to institute legal proceeding against Zanu PF Youth League members Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu for peddling falsehoods about him to the media.

Tsenengamu and Matutu told the media at a press conference that they have evidence that the GMAZ boss, was involved in corruption activities that range from abusing the grain subsidy facility as well as supplying the black market with cash to buy foreign currency.

However, in statement Msarara said the statement by the two Youth League members are false and defamatory and he is taking action against them.

I, as an individual or through my company, have not participated in the subsidy program.

It is common cause that the country is presently experiencing a shortage of maize induced by drought. I am working through the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe, on a private sector initiative to augment Government efforts in the importation of maize. Contrary to the suggestion that I am responsible for the current shortage of maize meal. I am actually working to ensure that the current shortages are addressed.

I must point out that the brands produced by my company are not available on the black market,” he said.

Msarara added that “given the irresponsible statements that have been issued which as I have said above are false, malicious and defamatory, I have instructed my legal practitioners to institute legal proceedings against the 2 gentlemen to vindicate my rights,” he said.

This is not the first time that the Youth League has made corruption accusations against certain business people and government officials.

The last time they even included Obert Mpofu on the list

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Daniel Chigundu

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