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Mujuru expels Mutasa, Dongo, Gumbo & 4 others from ZimPF | Statement

by Zim People First
Fellow Citizens, we meet at this important juncture in our revolutionary journey as Zimbabwe People First. We are all aware of the mammoth task we face in democratising and liberating this country from the oppressive Zanu PF Regime.
We are equally aware of the desperate efforts by the Zanu PF Regime to ensure that Zimbabwe People First fails on its mandate to be the next Government. Without equivocation, it is on public record that Mugabe has boasted that there shall be ZimPF one, two and so on.
As anticipated, the regime is desperate because of the exponential growth of our party and the fact that the party is firmly rooted on ensuring that the ideals of the revolution return to the citizenry.
As a Party, we have decided to take stern measures against elements determined to stall the progress that the party has been making. As a result we have decided to eject some of the colleagues and comrades we thought would stand with the People’s cause but have chosen to be agents of the regime. All sorts of tricks, ranging from coup d’état and sophisticated infiltration, have taken centre stage with a view to delaying the People’s cause of unequivocal liberation.
Having done extensive consultation within the rank and file of the Party and also in my capacity as the President of the Party with the executive authority to ensure its wellbeing, I hereby announce the expulsion of the following members from Zimbabwe people First Party with immediate effect:

  1. Rugare Enock Ngidi Gumbo
  2. Didymus N. E. Mutasa
  3. Margaret Dongo
  4. Kudakwashe Bhasikiti-Chuma
  5. Luckson Kandemiri
  6. Munacho Mutezo
  7. Cloudious Makova

We assure Zimbabweans that more heads are going to roll in this revolutionary cleansing exercise. We remain committed to the democratisation of Zimbabwe. We remain committed to a coalition of progressive opposition forces to fight and remove Zanu PF from office.
Above all, we remain committed to liberating Zimbabweans in totality.
May God Bless Zimbabwe,
I thank you.
Dr JTR Mujuru

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