Mujuru’s party spokesperson resigns from both NPP position and membership.

By Buhle Tshavango
Former Vice President Joyce Mujuru’s National People’s  Party (NPP) seems to be turning into an abandoned ship as more members bail out with the latest being party spokes person Jealousy Mawarire who resigned as party spokes person whilst at the same time quitting the party today.
Mawarire who announced his decision via social media on Twitter , in a letter directed to Mujuru stated that he was resigning from both his job as  party spokesperson and also from being a card carrying member.
This development comes soon a nasty fight ensued between Mawarire and Mujuru’s personal spokesperson Gift Nyandoro  who is also the party’s incoming Secretary General,
“I have made this decision after thorough reflection on events happening in the party, especially the unruly behaviour exhibited by your spokesperson, Mr Gift Nyandoro , whom you are aware has been showing thuggish behaviour even during the National executive committee meetings that you chaired wherein he has threatened fellow national meetings with physical harm or “taking them to the satanic realm”, whatever that means”, stated Mawarire.
Nyandoro and Mawarire clashed over statements issues by the latter against Tsvangirai where he described the former Prime minister as ‘Power drunk ‘ statements which were viewed by the former as a bad move against plans towards a grand coalition.
Nyandoro had later spoken against Mawarire’s sentiments describing them as personal sentiments and not the party’s views , this culminated in a brutal altercation between the two spokesmen  as Mawarire attacked Nyandoro who also happened to be in the process of arranging a funeral for his mother  , sustaining fractures and a dislocated knee.

A battered Nyandoro , alongside a Nyandor o (bottom) Mawarire (top) collage  – Pictures by Povo Zimbabwe
In his statement Mawarire claims Nyandoro assaulted his wife after being questioned on why he was being abrasive towards him , he further claims thugs had been previously hired to harm him prompting him to take the decision to resign.
“..While i believe in your ability to steer this country from the mess that it is in, i don’t believe the thugs that have taken over important positions in the party will take you anywhere.
“I however, believe in you, Zimbabwe has the best leader to end the economic rot that Mugabe and his cronies have visited on our great nation. The ball is in your court , at the best level and with the right kind of racquet , the necessary technique , swing and power, you can smash in a wonderful victory at the polls in 2018”, said Mawarire.
Twimbos have castigated Mawarire saying he was in fact the actual thug and should have never been allowed near NPP structures in the first place.

Mujuru spokesperson Gift Nyandoro on the ground after being beaten up by former NPP spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire (Pictures originally posted by POVO Zimbabwe)
Both officials were called in by police to give their statements.
After the fight both officials were set to be punished for embarrassing the party where NPP would read out the riot act but  it seems Mawarire has decided to be done with it.

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