Mutambara Questions Opposition Tactics

By Wisdom Mumera

Former Deputy Prime Minister during Zimbabwe’s Government of National Unity Professor Arthur Mutambara has questioned the feasibility of the MDC Alliance’s tactics of refusing to Professor recognize Mnangagwa’s presidency whilst pressuring for a transitional authority.

Mutambara, who was speaking at Sapes Trust during the launch of his second autobiography titled Path to Power, said the situation prevailing currently is entirely different from 2009 when Tsvangirai pressured Mugabe into a GNU.

“The difference between the situation in 2009 and now is that back then Mugabe’s fraudulent victory was not recognized by South Africa, SADC and the whole of Africa. He had no legitimacy as they all refused to recognize his supposed run-off win.”
“When he went for the African Union (AU) other African heads of state ganged up on him, telling him to go back home and negotiate with the boys,” he said.

Mutambara added that the scenario is different with Mnangagwa today.

“Today the challenge for my colleagues in the opposition is that Mnangagwa has been recognized by South Africa, SADC and the Africa continent.
“He has legitimacy from those,” he said adding that, that gave him extra strength to stave off their pressure.
The MDC Alliance has been exerting pressure on Mnangagwa refusing to recognize him as the country’s leader on accusations that he rigged the 2018 elections.
Instead they have advocated for a transitional authority that will merge different players to run the country.

“We are not going to accept a top down approach, but a bottom up approach. It has involve clergy, civil society,
communities and every concerned citizen of Zimbabwe,” MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa said earlier this week.
“Before the death of President Morgan Tsvangirai there was a unanimous agreement with our colleagues from across the political divide in ZANU PF. The war veterans who were discussing this with President Tsvangirai Mr. (Victor) “Matemadanda would know this and (Christopher) Mutsvangwa would know this that there was going to be an arrangement of a transitional authority after dealing with our common man Mr. Mugabe.
“But what then happen is that they reneged from that promise and then chose the path of elections without the transitional authority,” said Chamisa.

The political differences have worsened the economic situation as Mnangagwa’s investment hunts have failed to yield results with international doubt over the political health of the country.
Shortages of fuel and a spike in commodity prices have raised fears of a return to the hyper-inflationary period of 2008 in the run up to the creation of the GNU.

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