Nduna is idiotic: Magaisa

By Daniel Chigundu
Lawyer Alex Magaisa has rubbished calls by Chegutu West legislator Dexter Nduna for Government to establish a sperm-bank sustained by prisoners from the country’s various prisons.

Hon. Nduna last week suggested that government should consider setting up a sperm-bank to export sperms from prisoners so as to help raise funds for the upkeep of prisoners in the country.
The report from the Defence and Security committee suggested that the attempted jail-break at Chikurubi Maximum Prison last year was a result of squalid and pathetic living conditions of prisoners who were not getting enough food.
Commenting on twitter Magaisa said the suggestion was unthinkable and uncalled for especially from a Member of Parliament (MP).
“This kind of reasoning defies common sense; it’s utterly ridiculous to even suggest it, let alone in the August House. If it was a joke, it was a bad one. If he was serious, please call a psychiatrist.
“That kind of thinking the MP displays is utterly idiotic and it should be called such,” said Magaisa
Responding to Magaisa, Gokwe Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena who was also in Parliament when the issue was raised said the legislator was not joking but serious about his suggestion.
“Magaisa it’s not a joke; the honourable MP meant every word he said,” added Wadyajena.
Political activist Charlton Hwende said Nduna was now a disgrace because of his suggestions and deserves to be banned from coming to the town.
Commenting on the same issue Cosmas Chataika said the suggestion should not come as a surprise to anyone as it clearly signifies the type of leadership in the country.
“Does that surprise you Alex? That’s why we are a joke. We have a strange leadership.” he said.
One P.T. Nyikadzino who claims to be from Chegutu West said despite coming up with a rather strange idea, at least the legislator should be applauded for not absconding Parliament like others.
“I am from Chegutu West, better he attends and contributes in Parliament which isn’t true for most; why not explore the idea more?” he said.
Meanwhile legislators from both political parties in Parliament have called on Government to capacitate the prisons and correctional services so that they can grow their own food on the vast land that is under them.
Owing to low budgetary support from treasury prisons and correctional services have not been able to buy seeds and service its old fleet of farm equipment such as tractors and disc-harrows among other things.

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