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Nduna mocks Chegutu West voters


By Daniel Chigundu

Chegutu West legislator Dexter Nduna has thanked the people of his constituency for voting him to the second term in Parliament adding that he is grateful for their faith in him.

Honourable Nduna lost the Chegutu West seat to MDC Alliance candidate Konjana Machoka in the 30 July election but was erroneously declared the winner by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

ZEC after realising they had made a mistake said the decision could only be nullified by the court but the court in a surprise turn of events maintained that Nduna had won because ZEC had declared him a winner.

Speaking in the National Assembly while debating on the President’s speech, Honourable Nduna said the people of Chegutu had deposited their faith in him.

“I also want to congratulate the people of Chegutu West Constituency for depositing their faith in yours truly myself for the very second term. I want to thank them wholeheartedly.  I want to also carry on and say politics is a game of numbers and it is often said that if you cannot beat them join them.

“…Madam Speaker Maam, there are two people so far in this nation that won the 2018 elections twice in the same year. It is His Excellency, the President, Hon. E. D. Mnangagwa, who first annihilated Mr Chamisa on July 30, and he contested and Mr Chamisa was annihilated again in the Electoral Court.

“It happened the same way for ‘Yours Truly’ in that I again annihilated one Konjana Machoka in the Electoral Court. His Excellency the President has said the elections are behind us…,” he said.

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