Nelson Chamisa, your constituents want to know where you are…

By Portia Sigauke
Kuwadzana East residents say they last met with their Member of Parliament soon after the July 31 general elections held in 2013
Former Minister of Information and Communication Technology, also Kuwadzana East legislator Nelson Chamisa is said to have quickly disappeared from his constituency after he held a celebration party as a thank you to his electorate.
Honourable Chamisa has been a legislator for Kuwadzana East constituency since 2000 but to date no major development has been done.
His electorate expressed bitterness about their legislator‘s failure to honour his promises.
“We have had Chamisa as our MP since 2000 but until today he has done nothing for us. The last time he was here was when he hosted a celebration party that was held at Kuwadzana High 1 School after the 2013 election and that was it.”
“Chamisa has no people’s interest at heart, he comes when he wants us to vote for him after he gets what he wants he disappears which is wrong but as residents we have kept on voting for him become we anticipated to see some change but to date nothing has materialised.“ said Tanaka Hondo from Kuwadzana Phase 3.”
Residents said Hon. Chamisa had failed to complete building Kuwadzana 4 library only to supply little equipment when it’s time for elections.
The library lies lifeless at the centre of Kuwadzana.
“We expected this library to have been completed a long time ago but this is not so, we were happy and excited at first thinking that this library will be finished in time to provide an alternative to our children’s learning but we really wonder what our MP is doing with the constituency development fund.” said a Kuwadzana resident who requested anonymity.
The situation has left many residents in fear that the country’s reading culture has been destroyed.
Honourable Chamisa had promised his electorate to make the library a first of its kind, equipping it with state of the art equipment but nothing has materialised since its construction.
Memories, a student at Kuwadzana High 1, said she wishes that the relevant authority would chip in and rehabilitate the building before it falls down.
This is an all too familiar tale of MPs only being visible in their constituencies during election time…

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