Newest Parliamentarian on the block!

by Pretty Chavango
Parliament recently opened its doors for its latest legislator Honourable Martin Tafara Dinha who will be representing Mazowe North.
Hon Dinha took an oath of loyalty before the national assembly in accordance with Section 128 (1) of the Constitution which provides that before a Member of Parliament takes his or her seat in Parliament, s/he must subscribed to the Oath of loyalty before the clerk of Parliament.
What do we know about Martin Dinha?
Martin Tafara Dinha (54) is a lawyer turned politician aligned to the ruling party; he has served as Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs since 2009 and is also the former mayor of Bindura.
Controversies …
Like most political personalities Hon Dinha has had his own fair share of scandals with his name being mentioned for the wrong reasons both in the court rooms and the press.
In 2014 Hon Dinha made headlines for having purchased a house for 48 cents; yes ZWD $0, 48 cents
Hon Dinha is reported to have dismissed claims of abuse of office saying he was not the only one who had benefited from the council scheme as this was an exit package. The house built on a stand measuring 3 025 metres was bought at the height of inflation when the country was already using quadrillions only to be later resold at $USD 48,000 five years later.
If this makes one feel any better, the money was donated to charity.
In July 2015 Hon Dinha received a live bullet in an envelope at his office, which was alleged to be a threat culminating from in-fights within his party, a move which prompted him to go into hiding for a while as he had earlier survived another alleged assassination attempt.
In September 2015 Hon Dinha appeared before Bindura Magistrate court facing charges of abuse of office after allegations that he had extorted $60 000 from a white farmer as bribe to avoid eviction.
Almost every MP has had their ups and down, and our new MP is not an exception.
Hon Dinha will be working hand in hand with neighbouring constituency Mazowe South represented by Hon  Fortune Chasi , these two have had fallouts in the past , we only hope they can find solid ground .
His first day in Parliament was probably not the best with  a fellow raising a point of order questioning his entry into Parliament.
HON. MURAI: “On a point of order. Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir.
“I would like to pose a question regarding the new Hon. Member, Hon.
Martin Dinha.  My question is, is he the one who is standing trial for the
value of $40 000? “.
THE HON. SPEAKER: Order, order!   “Hon. Murai, please sit down.  This is not a playground.  Hon. Members at the back there, can you take your seats?  This is not a playground for small children, if you do not uphold your integrity as Hon. Members; we shall not allow that in future. Sit down, sit down please “
HON. MURAI “Mr. Speaker, this is a serious matter which affects our economy.”
It wasn’t all that bad as many other MPs welcomed him and offered their congratulatory messages after the proceedings.
As part of his plans for his new constituency Hon Dinha hopes to maintain excellence in service delivery, upgrade road networks, and address youth employment in the area amongst other developmental issues.
Hon Dinha recorded a resounding victory in the Mazowe North by-election garnering 12 573 votes against his opponent, Mr Elias Malukula of the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ), who got 619 votes.
He replaces the late Hon Edgar Chidavaenzi who was found dead in his hotel room at Holiday Inn in March this year.

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