Ngarivhume builds up to elective congress

Transform Zimbabwe president and MDC alliance principal, Jacob Ngarivhume says they are set to hold their inaugural congress which will determine how they move forward in regards to the alliance as decided by the highest decision making organ of their political party.
“We want organs to decide how to move as Transform Zimbabwe, a report will be tabled by the top negotiators of Transform Zimbabwe at the Congress and based from that conference delegates will make an informed decision based on that. As the Transform Zimbabwe leader I abide by the highest decision making of the party which is Congress I am not above the law or above the congress so whatever they decide we will stick to it and abide by it.
“In the event the Congress decides otherwise, we are a political party and we will stand, we are not here because of the alliance but because of decision made by the national convention, it all depends on what comes from the Congress if they decide we go ahead we will go ahead,” said Ngarivhume.
Ngarivhume who is moving within communities building up his support base in preparation to their inaugural elective congress set to take place in three days time, emphasized on the importance of politicians coming to the people and hearing issues affecting the ones they wish to serve.
“One of our key pillars is creating a new culture of politics, we do not mobilize people to come into stadiums, we ourselves go into the people that way we hear issues.
“We want to change the nature of politics, we will give you the opportunity to select your own candidates and not impose people on you, these people will mingle with the communities observing issues on the ground and when you vote us into power we will not forget these images,” he said.
Speaking to communities in Epworth, Hatfield and Kambuzuma today, Ngarivumhe emphasized on the need to put people at the center and God first in bringing sanity to the nation.
“Zimbabwe needs God, Parliament needs to be filled with Christians, and we need leaders who are faithful in the usage of our resources. Our problem is that we have leaders who are disconnected from God, what the nation needs is a new breed of leaders.”
Ngarivhume added that votes have failed to change the country and divine intervention is what’s now needed for a turnaround.

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