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President Mugabe is either ignorant of realities on the ground or has ceased to care | #SONAZW

By Daniel Chigundu
Economist Vince Musewe says President Robert Mugabe’s failure to tackle the country’s economic challenges in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) is an indication that the country no longer has a leader.
Expectations were high in the build up to SONA that the President will take advantage of the address to make important economic turnaround pronouncements, especially on the liquidity challenges and civil servants bonuses.
Disappointingly the President took the opportunity to pay tribute to citizens’ endurance to economic hardships without providing solutions.
Writing on his Facebook page, Musewe said the President is ignorant to reality and the country must not expect any economic solution from him.
“Zimbabwe’s economy has collapsed and cash shortages are a clear indication that we are no longer able to generate the resources we need to function normally.
“When a whole President ignores this it points to two things. It’s either he is ignorant of realities on the ground or has ceased to care. I suspect it’s both. This means that our country no longer has President and that we must cease to expect any meaningful solutions to our problems coming from there.
“We are now a rudderless country consumed with petty political fights and speculative gossip about what could happen. In the mean time we are not producing nor are we productively using our time to produce. This generation is one of wasted lives and talents which can never be recovered,” he said.
Speaking to Open Parly ZW on the sidelines of SONA, Kuwadzana East legislator Nelson Chamisa said the President’s speech lacked fundamentals of a State of the Nation Address adding that it was mere speech.
“The most fundamental issue at this particular moment and time is the state of leadership of the government, the state of the president those are the key issues that are of concern, the state of the government, the state of the president, the state of leadership that constitute in the majority the state of the nation.
“We did not hear anything about this, there is a clear absence and lack of leadership, policy inconsistencies, policy contradictions, disagreements by government Ministers, some are speaking left, some are walking right, indicating left, turning right, so there is policy inconsistence,.
“There is just lack of foresight and lack of vision in the nation, these are concerns and we did not hear anything about them in the speech of the President, it was a speech but it had no works, no deliverables and had no good undertakings of the commitment about the future of our country, we were expecting answers around the economy, but the answers were not there,” said Chamisa.
Zanu PF legislator for Pelandaba-Mpopoma Joseph Tshuma was however full of praise for the President’s speech adding that it was an eye opener to the vast potential that the country has and that people should work together for the good of the nation, regardless of their differing affiliations.
This is the second time that the President has delivered a SONA since he got the new term in July 2013 and during the inaugural SONA he delivered the famous 10 point plan.

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