Professor Jonathan Moyo, you are not welcome in MDC, says Mwonzora

By Takunda Mandura

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has said exiled former Zanu PF member Professor Jonathan Moyo is not welcome in MDC, adding that his involvement is as good as the kiss of death.

According to Mwonzora, Professor Moyo has a hidden agenda of not only trying to hijack the MDC but also of destroying the opposition in Zimbabwe.


“The evidence I have is his involvement in MDC politics, he has been saying divisive things calculated at dividing the MDC leadership on social media and he has been saying through his people that they have funded the MDC. He is trying to Hijack MDC.

“Yes, he also tried to do that when he was booted out of Zanu PF after the Tsholotsho. MDC allowed him to stand unopposed as an independent in Tsholotsho and the very first thing that he did when he got into Parliament is to try to bribe our MPs.

“It’s a matter of public record he wanted to bribe our MPs to vote for Simon Khaya Moyo as the Speaker of the National Assembly against Lovemore Moyo if anybody goes to the press of the 7th Parliament he will notice that they were these allegations against him,” said Mwonzora


Mwonzora added that since he was the secretary-general of MDC-T, he has never seen any of the funds from the professor, adding that maybe he was funding individuals.

“I was secretary-general of the party, I never saw the funds but maybe if he was funding individuals within the MDC, it is that involvement by people who were in Zanu PF, the G40 in the MDC that I am personally against but if everyone in the MDC wants them I am a slave of democracy but I think that it is a kiss of death,” he said.


According to Mwonzora, Professor Moyo was instrumental in the crafting of some of the stringent laws in Zimbabwe and therefore cannot come in as an advisor of a democratic political party.

“Now he is coming as an advisor, I do not agree with his involvement with MDC, he is the person who was instrumental in the crafting of AIPPA and POSA obnoxious pieces of legislation.

“I would not want that person as an advisor to my party on democracy, I say this with the greatest respect. He has a right of personal opinion but he is not welcome in the MDC,” said Mwonzora. Get all COVID-19 statistics for Zimbabwe from COVID-TRACKER

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Daniel Chigundu

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