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Rairo Gunguwo: I will bring sustainable development in Seke

By Wisdom Mumera
Aspiring Member of Parliament for Seke Constituency Rairo Gunguwo (27) says she has come to bring the much needed sustainable development which has been missing for a long time in the constituency.
Gunguwo a holder of an Honours Degree in Politics and Public Management from Midlands State University attributes the under-development in Seke to absence of sustainable initiatives and mainstream political parties which are mainly focusing on infighting due succession issues.
In an interview, Gunguwo said she has been working in the constituency for some time and knows exactly what is needed and how do it.
“Sustainable development is what Seke needs and we the Seke residents have already started on that journey. I will not spoon feed them ndizvo zvinounza nhamo izvozvo, ndenge ndaita hutsinye.
“I am introducing projects that they will keep working on even after elections.
“Not just giving them foodstuff donations. That doesn’t pay fees for their kids, sugar that doesn’t give them proper health care and facilities, sugar that doesn’t give them an income.
“It’s now time they understand their worth, not being coerced with little things of no value, it’s also because of the poverty they are drowning in that they accept these. I am instilling a culture of working and entrepreneurship in them,” she said.
Gunguwo joins a growing list of aspiring independent female candidates such as Fadzai Mahere (Mount Pleasant), Linda Masarira (Harare Central), Vimbai Musvaburi (Bulawayo South) and Florence Chaurura (Mufakose) who are vying for Parliament in the coming general elections scheduled for between July and August this year.
Asked why she chose to stand as an independent candidate at a time when there are over 100 political parties that have been formed in the country, Gunguwo said political parties are full of squabbles.
“Who said it’s difficult to win as an independent? Others think so because it’s a culture we are accustomed to in Zimbabwe. Winning in a campaign is not about a party but strategies.
“I decided to run as an independent so that i could push for the sustainable development which i realised Seke needs.
“That wouldn’t have been possible if I decided to run under a party, I would have to work on pushing the party’s agenda and not better the people’s lives the way I saw fit.
“I do not want to be involved in party squabbles etc., much time is spent on that in these parties instead of mapping a positive way forward for the lives of Zimbabweans,” she added.
The coming on to the scene by many female candidates is a positive move for the likes of #SheVotes2018 campaign, Wipsu, GMC and WCoZ who have been consistent in pushing for increased female participation in the elections.
Although women are the majority in Zimbabwean compared to men, but when it comes to political representation the opposite is true.
It however remains to be seen if Gunguwo will be a match for Zanu PF’s Phineas Chiota.
Chiota was recently included on the list of the worst performing MPs for 2017, accused of having done nothing significant in his constituency or during Parliamentary debates.

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