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Reduce Presidential powers, end dictatorship then we join alliance :Mangoma

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) leader Elton Mangoma who is also the Presidential candidate for the Coalition of Democrats (CODE) says they are willing to join hands with others coalitions including the MDC Alliance provided dictatorship issues and presidential powers are dealt with first.
Addressing over a hundred people who attended the CODE coalition launch at Freedom Square, Mangoma said the party was being accused of being hot-headed by refusing to join with other coalitions when in actual fact they have three issues they need to be resolved for the united opposition to work.
“We currently have three coalitions, CODE, MDC Alliance and the Rainbow Coalition, we want to unite with others but we have three things that we want to be addressed first.We are not hot-headed simply because we want Mangoma to be president. We don’t want any more dictators so if someone doesn’t want the reduction of Presidential powers we cannot support them.We cannot have one centre of power.
“Our political representatives for the five parties under CODE, no one can differentiate which party they are coming from, we select the best based on merit because we want the work to be done, however in other coalitions positions are given by force and principals want their own people in Parliament who follow them such that when they disobey they recall them from their seats.
“Thirdly is the issue of dictatorship and forcing candidates on people, we are democrats and people should choose their leaders by themselves, these are the things hindering unity otherwise we can negotiate with others,” said Mangoma.
CODE is made up of five political parties, namely RDZ (Elton Mangoma), Zapu (Dumiso Dabengwa), Mavambo/Khusile/Dawn (Simba Makoni), African Democratic Party (Marcellin Chikasha) and ZimFirst (Derreck Lupemba).
Of the other principals, only Derreck Lupemba showed up for the official launch while Dabengwa, Makoni and Chikasha seemed to have snubbed their own coalition, raising eyebrows over who is actually part and parcel of CODE.

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