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Rural based citizen movement launches election monitoring technology | #Ivote4PeaceZW

By Watmore Makokoba
As the country gets engulfed into election mode, Zimbabwe Yadzoka, a citizen movement primarily targeting rural areas has launched a technological reporting mechanism that is going to monitor and report political violence and human rights violations prior and during the upcoming 2018 elections.
The technology, named ZISO/ILIHLO is going to be implemented throughout the country and will use geo-location to capture and report incidences in real time.
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In an exclusive interview with Open Parly ZW, Victor Chimhutu, Chairperson of Zimbabwe Yadzoka said the technology is not easy to intercept. This will ensure a smooth flow of information during election time.
“What this means is that the culture of impunity is over within ZANU-PF ranks, this time all incidences will be carefully captured and reported in real time. The technology we are using is very advanced and nothing much can be done to counteract it,
“Mugabe is 93 years old and it will be foolish for those who are much younger to champion violence for a 93-year-old when they have a whole life ahead of them. Importantly with ZISO/ILIHLO, we will systematically record all human rights abuses, so a number of people are going to answer for these”, said Dr Chimhutu.
Dr Chimhutu added that through this technology, a number of people are going to be answerable for perpetrating violence and human right violations.
“We therefore advise and warn those contemplating on using violence in these elections to take heed. We will not say more about this technology but the technology will use geo-location, so not only are we going to report the incidences in real time but also pinpoint with accuracy where exactly this is or has happened,
“This time ZISO/ILIHLO is watching and my advice to ZANU-PF is for them to try to be civil, although we all know that is going to be difficult for them. Luckily we will have a dossier and people will face the music, thank God we have this technology around us now”, he said.
Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe has also launched a new strategy for rural mass mobilisation called nhimbe/ilima which is said to be targeting uplifting rural areas residents livelihoods through conscientising them to be part of socio-political and economic activities.
Chimhutu said “Nhimbe is part of our traditional way of life, an important part of UBUNTU. In this regard, it opens up social spaces for people in their local communities to socialise and at the same time doing something meaningful and productive with their time”.
“Zimbabwe Yadzoka appeals to all Zimbabweans in and out of the country to make sure in their local villages the mobilisation these events are held. Through these initiatives, Zimbabwe Yadzoka is carrying out an unprecedented rural mass mobilisation, the one which has not been witnessed since the 2nd Chimurenga,
“The rural populations have been left out badly from our political and developmental discourse and we cannot allow this to happen. How can we forget more than 70% of our people? ZANU-PF has been doing this purposively because an uninformed or misinformed populace is easy to rule”, he said.
Nhimbe was launched in Masvingo province and had since spread to Manicaland and Mashonaland East provinces.
Rural areas have been synonymous with political violence especially during political elections with several areas being declared ‘no go areas’ for opposition political parties.

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