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Scrap MPs vehicle loan repayment: Chinotimba

By Nkanyiso Ncube
BUHERA South legislator, Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF),  says government should consider scrapping outstanding loan payment of vehicles that were purchased by government on their behalf under the Parliament’s Vehicle Loan Scheme.
Raising a point of order in Parliament, Chinotimba said there was no need for legislators to pay for the vehicles as there will be doing government duties.
“My request is for all the vehicles that we were given not to be paid for and the government should foot the bill, because the work that we are doing is difficult.  We are doing government’s work.  We were given nothing and we are struggling”.
“I stood because we are troubled by the type of vehicle, the Ford Ranger that we were given and all other vehicles.  We realise that these cars are roadworthy but the government says we should pay for those vehicles. How can we pay for these vehicles whilst we are doing government’s works,” he questioned.
He said the money there were promised under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) was not released yet, making their work more difficult.
“We were told that CDF would be availed but we did not get anything.  We are now heading for elections and CDF has not yet been released.  So, if all of us in this House the stands that we talked about the other time are not even available,” he said.
In the Seventh Parliament, the vehicle loans were written off and MPs did not pay for the vehicles.
Meanwhile, Chinotimba has also suggested that government should consider hiring secretaries for MPs to prevent them from doing secretary’s jobs.
“We do not have secretaries in our constituencies and we end up doing the secretary’s work.  We are always travelling in our constituencies and if you see people sleeping in this August House, it is because they are tired of travelling,” he said.

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