State drops charges against Magamba Network

By Wisdom Mumera

The State has dropped externalization charges against Magamba Cultural Activist Network Trust (Magamba Network) after it failed to find witnesses to support its allegations.

Magamba Network was being accused of externalizing foreign currency after it reportedly transferred money to an international account without authorization from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Exchange Control Authority.

Prosecutor, Francisca Mukumbiri had alleged that on June 3 2014, Magamba Network had transferred US$5 150 from its Stanbic Bank account to a Solid Ground Holdings account held with a Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited.

The state further alleged that on June 19, 2014, Magamba Network had transferred $5 300 into the same account in Mauritius.

However, the state revealed on Wednesday that it was now dropping the case after failing to provide witnesses to substantiate its case.

Speaking soon after the State’s decision, Magamba Network director Sam Munro said it was a waste of time as the charges were false from their beginning.

“From the beginning, we were saying these are trumped up charges, they have been wasting time. We were ready for our day in court.

“The State had no case, they had no witnesses so now officially the case has been dropped and for us, it’s an important day,” he said.

Munro said it was their hope that the State would stop harassing them so that they focus on making more jokes and tweeting tweets which are some of their core duties.



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