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The biggest tragedy would be to hastily put together a coalition & then lose to ZANU PF | #Ivote4PeaceZW

By Daniel Chigundu
Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA) says opposition parties must form the right coalition and not just focus on simply coming together as is happening.
Zimbabwean opposition parties are currently ceased with the issue of forming a grand coalition seen as the only effective solution in trying to remove President Robert Mugabe who has been the country’s leader since 1980.
BZA which was recently formed said a coalition must facilitate accomplishing political change in 2018 and putting leadership in place that will rebuild and transform the country going forward.
In interview, BZA President Dr. Noah Manyika said his party was open to the idea of coalition despite not yet being invited and that the coalition must seek to inspire confidence to the people of Zimbabwe from their current challenges.
“In other words, the whole must truly be greater than the sum of its parts. The coalition’s make up, vision and leadership must inspire the confidence of the Zimbabwean people out of despondency and apathy to vote for it in droves.
“The biggest tragedy would be for people to hastily put together a coalition and then lose to Zanu PF. If that happens, we will have consigned our country to the grave. We must produce the right coalition instead of thinking that simply coming together is the answer.
“Although we have not yet been invited to discussions of coalitions, as an alliance we are very much open to working with other like-minded opposition parties who are committed not only to winning but to going the extra mile post elections, to ensure we end the suffering of the masses and transform Zimbabwe to a prosperous nation that will be emulated by other countries.
“The Zimbabwean problem is not one of lack of intellectual capacity but poor leadership and policies which have proven to be counter-productive. What makes us different from other political parties is our drive for quality, accountable leadership at all levels. We realise that our nation is in need of new leadership,” he said.
BZA said the country needs a new crop of leaders who have integrity and are not power hungry as evidenced in its constitution.
The Dr Manyika led party said there is need for leaders that are servants of the people and leaders that listen to the people realising that they should be accountable to the citizens and that its leader meets those qualities.
BZA said it is not the usual Zimbabwean political party where leadership selection often tends to sacrifice competency for party loyalty with limited or no leadership renewal but that it is at the forefront of developing a new leadership culture that gives citizens that want to transform the nation and serve the people of Zimbabwe.
The party also said that it is committed to uprooting corruption and ensuring that those who abuse citizens, selfishly loot resources, and fail to improve people’s lives should not be in leadership positions.
Build Zimbabwe Alliance is also working on a project called Project 210+ aimed at identifying and preparing candidates for the 210 parliamentary constituencies plus senatorial and local government seats.
The goal is to ensure that the right leaders are in place at all levels of government to transform the country after the 2018 elections.
According to BZA, the program trains these individuals on the Zimbabwean constitution, good governance, their role in transforming the nation, leadership in community and national development.
The party said this is the first leadership program in the history of Zimbabwe that targets political leaders to prepare them for public office.
BZA added that in the past, candidates have been elected into office without much preparation, resulting in Members of Parliament and Councillors that are clueless about their responsibilities, with catastrophic results for service delivery and national governance.

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Daniel Chigundu

Daniel Chigundu is a male journalist in Zimbabwe and has been practising since September 2009. He used to the editor for The Business Connect (newspaper) in Harare, has his own news website Tourism Focus which is biased towards the tourism sector. Daniel is also working with Magamba Network on their project called Open Parliament where they do live coverage of Parliamentary activities on Twitter and Facebook. He is currently the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary Journalists Forum, is a member of Zimbabwe Small Broadcasters Association and a board member of Digital Communication Network. He holds a Diploma in Communication and Journalism from the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA), a certificate in Youth leadership training from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), a certificate in Citizen Journalism from Magamba Network and is currently a first-year student at Zimbabwe Open University studying for a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Ethics and Organisational Leadership.

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