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This country seems to be administered like a tuck-shop: Hon Ndebele

By Daniel Chigudu
Magwegwe legislator Honourable Anele Ndebele says Zimbabwe is being run by a looting committee as more government officials continue to be fingered in corrupt activities.
Top ranking officials from such government owned institutions as Zimra, Zinara, ZBC, NetOne, NSSA and Air Zimbabwe have been suspended or fired for fleecing the state institutions of millions of dollars.
Minister Saviour Kasukuwere was confronted by President Mugabe during a Politburo meeting for corruptly selling residential stands earmarked for youths, while Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo is believed to have housing and industrial stands in almost every town in the country.
High and Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo is currently being accused of using Zimdef funds to buy bicycles for people in his constituency (Tsholotsho) among other scams.
Speaking in Parliament recently Honourable Ndebele said Zimbabwe has very dangerous ministers and government officials who are only concerned with enriching their pockets at the expense of the general public.
“Sometimes when you read the newspaper you can sometimes be forgiven for thinking that this country is run by a loot committee. This country seems to be administered like a tuck-shop. Our hardworking vendors can do better than what obtains here.
“I do not know why Ministers are not copying from our hardworking vendors out there. It also baffles the mind Honourable Speaker, when you get up one morning to read in the newspaper that a whole Minister of Finance has borrowed money from the Treasury. It is not a loan disbursing institution.
“Are you as Parliament able to borrow me money because of all the people here, I am broke. If you interrogate ZESA, those who provide water, those with outstanding phone bills that have not been paid for more than 10, 15 or 20 years, you will discover it is Ministers.
“I agree with Honourable Chamisa when he argues that this country has very dangerous Ministers. Look at the Presidential Scholarship. Currently, it is benefiting children of Ministers, people who are able in their own right to send their children outside the country at the expense of very poor children,” he said.
According to President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe lost about US$15 billion through illicit dealings in the diamond mining sector. The President has however said that he will not block prosecution of those government officials fingered in corruption and fraudulent activities.
It however remains to be seen if the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission really have the ability to deal with corrupt government officials.

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