To hell with coalitions …I will win 2018 elections: Joesph M. Busha

By Daniel Chigundu
Freezim  Congress President Joseph Makamba Busha says the proposed coalition of opposition parties can go hang arguing that such arrangements have failed to work not only in Africa but also across the world.
Coalition is currently seen as the only possible weapon that can defeat President Robert Mugabe in the 2018 general elections.
A few other opposition parties have already agreed to form a coalition under and are trading under the banner of Coalition of Democrats (CODE).
However, Busha said most of these political leaders in the coalition have no common interest and others are just looking for money like the various self-proclaimed prophets that have taken the country by storm.
“Coalitions have never worked during the GNU, in Lesotho, in Kenya, in SA and in UK. And they will never work anywhere including in Zimbabwe. It’s political expediency by the political leaders
“Yes, we were invited and we did not sign because the signatories do not have a common cause of interest for Zimbabwe; they are not sincere, are seeking power and opportunistic, and some are simply and unashamedly just looking for money,” he said
The South Africa based business mogul said even the changes that are being advocated for by political parties will not be able to bring about the change that people really need, citing the new constitution as an example.
He said the socio-economic and political environment is sad as it has been for the past decade and deteriorating, adding that Zimbabwe needs authentic, selfless leadership and change will come.
Busha who failed to contest the 2013 Presidential election after failing to get enough signatures for his nomination papers said he is going to win the 2018 general elections and is unfazed by the continuous sprouting of new political parties in the country.
“Yes, we will take part and win the 2018 general elections. Once beaten, twice shy. That will not happen again.
“Kumhanya hakusi kusvika. Many parties have been formed, launched and disappeared. The list of wanna-bes is long. Many of the political leaders have nothing to do, they cannot give Zimbabwe anything – rather they want to take from Zimbabweans.
“Most can’t even look after themselves, can’t pay rent. They are like the mushrooming self-acclaimed pastors or prophets. Seriously! I am working and preparing. It’s all about the right time. The best is coming for Zimbabwe, and with Freezim Congress,” he said.
The Freezim Congress leader joins a growing list of opposition party leaders such as Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Jacob Ngarivhume (Transform Zimbabwe), Joice Mujuru (Zimbabwe People First) and Acie Lumumba (VIVA Zimbabwe) who resisting the lure to join the proposed coalition.
Busha is the founder and managing director of JM Busha Investment Group, which has subsidiary companies in Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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