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Tsvangirai, Biti please bury the hatchet: Musewe

Economist-cum-politician Vince Musewe has urged leading opposition politicians Morgan Tsvangirai of MDC-T and Tendai Biti of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to bury their differences and unite for the good of the country.
Tsvangirai and Biti reportedly fell-out in 2014 after the later called for the renewal of MDC-T, a development believed to have been targeted at the long-standing opposition leader.
Tsvangirai has been at the helm of the MDC since its inaugural congress at Zimbabwe Grounds in September 2000 and any attempts to challenge him for the top post has been crushed ruthlessly by his faction in the party.
Opposition parties are trying to form a coalition to face President Robert Mugabe in 2018 general elections, but the union is reportedly being affected by personal differences among the opposition leaders emanating from their previous relations.
According to Musewe, while there may have been sharp differences or fallouts in the past, the leaders need to shelve their personal dislike and find common ground or else Zanu PF will emerge as the winner in 2018.
“As we all try to achieve the one thing we all really want- that is freedom from a Zanu PF dictatorship, it is critical that we bring all the critical players together. We must look to the future, yes but we must be weary of repeating the same mistakes with this beast called Zanu PF.
“All of us have erred but that does not prevent us from fighting together.
My sincere hope is that Tsvangirai and Biti find common ground and Mujuru sincerely comes clean of her past. 

“Yes they are all human just like us and have erred but let that not limit what we can become. Let us move ahead with speed to consummate the mother of all coalitions. Yes we can!
Musewe added that 2018 general elections will not be an easy task and that there is really no logical reason why opposition parties cannot form one front to fight the common enemy.
“This fight will not be easy we need each other now more so than ever. Let the past be just that- the past. Let a new future emerge and we can truly shape it together! Another Zimbabwe is possible!
“There is no logical reason to avoid the best political solution for Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai and Biti pulling together in one direction with one goal of putting Zimbabwe first! The past must never limit or determine what we can become!
Currently, about nine opposition parties have agreed to form a coalition and are trading under the banner of Coalitions of Democrats. MDC-T has indicated willingness to join the coalition but still has internal opposition to deal with before signing.
Other parties such as Transform Zimbabwe, FreeZim Congress, Viva Zimbabwe are have expressed reservations joining the coalition.
While Tsvangirai who commands a huge following can win many seats in Parliament on his own, it is the Presidential race that he will need the vote of everyone to avoid what happened in March 2008 were Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn split the votes and deprived MDC-T of eight percent of the ballots.

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